Huawei to create 70 ICT Academy in Morocco

Aware of the strategic importance of the integration of digital technologies in the academic and scientific field and of the need to strengthen and diversify cooperation and partnership programs, in particular with the private sector, Abdellatif Miraoui, Minister of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Innovation, and Jerry Cui, Managing Director of Huawei Technologies Morocco, proceeded, Monday, December 6, 2021, in Casablanca, to the signing of a partnership agreement between the Ministry of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Innovation and Huawei Technologies Morocco, in the presence of University Presidents and Ministry officials.

This Convention intends to lay the groundwork for an innovative partnership in the technological and digital fields, with a view to facilitating students’ access to the labor market, through:

▪ The creation, by 2025, of 70 Huawei ICT Academy;

▪ The development of training and certification programs, open to students, teachers and administrative and technical executives;

▪ The launch of the Excellence Award for the benefit of the best students in the field of networks and telecommunications;

▪ Support for student participation in international competitions related to digital technologies;

▪ The organization of seminars and workshops for the exchange of expertise and experiences.

▪ The launch and participation of Moroccan students in the annual Huawei ICT COMPETITION.

In his speech on this occasion, the Minister declared that “this partnership is part of the Roadmap that the Ministry has adopted, which has put students at the center of its concerns, in accordance with the commitments made in the Government Program 2021 -2026 and the recommendations of the General Report of the New Development Model… It is also part of the efforts made by the Moroccan University with the objective of strengthening the transversal skills of its laureates to further promote their employability ”. In the same sense, he stressed that “the Ministry of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Innovation has a strategic partnership with Huawei, since 2018, which has enabled the establishment of 54 Huawei ICT Academy in a number of universities and higher education establishments, with a view to developing the skills and abilities of students ”.

For his part, Jerry Cui clarified that “Huawei pays particular attention to the transfer of knowledge and skills in the field of information and communication technologies between the various players in the education and research system”. In this sense, he recalled that “Huawei’s strategic vision aims to develop several programs in the digital field for students and administrative and educational executives, with a view to strengthening their skills”.

On the sidelines of this ceremony, the Minister and the Director General chaired the closing ceremony and the award ceremony of the 3rd edition of the Seeds for the Future training program, organized in Casablanca, from November 29 to December 6, 2021, and aimed at to support the development of skills of young people in the field of telecommunications and information technologies. During this edition, 36 students from different national universities were able to benefit from courses in the field of networks and telecommunications as well as cultural and linguistic activities.

The ceremony was, moreover, the occasion to distinguish the Universities, the higher education establishments, the teachers and the students having obtained certifications within the framework of the Huawei ICT Academy Program, which allowed more than 5000 students to ” to be trained and to more than 1400 students to be certified in the field of information and communication technologies, and to bring together the students participating in the Huawei ICT COMPETITION competition, which was very popular among Moroccan students seen the success of the first edition in 2020 during which Moroccan students took first place at the international level in the track cloud and second place in track Network.

This year, more than 1,500 students have registered and more than 700 students have taken the preliminary exam after which 167 students have been selected to take the national phase exam which will take place in early January 2022.


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