How well do you know the traffic rules? These common mistakes can cost cyclists dearly

Chief Commissioner Dennis Pasterstein has shared videos on Twitter of how cyclists and electric scooter drivers acted in traffic last week. Last week, the police focused on bicycles and e-scooters in traffic monitoring, says Pasterstein.

In the first video, a cyclist is seen driving next to a police car on Drumsövägen. When the police car stops for a red light, the cyclist still continues pedaling and driving towards the red light.

“She stated as the reason that it turned green for pedestrians,” writes Pasterstein and adds that as a cyclist you must follow the traffic lights that apply to motorists – or those that apply to cyclists, if there are special ones.

Pasterstein writes that the mistake cost the cyclist 40 euros.

In another, similar clip, a cyclist crosses Mechelingatan in Tölö despite the red light for both motorists and pedestrians. That also led to a traffic offense fee of 40 euros, says Pasterstein.

It is forbidden to drive a friend on an electric scooter

During the weekend, the police monitored drivers of electric scooters extra closely, writes Pasterstein and adds that several people using electric scooters have been fined for various types of offences.

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On a video from Esplanadparken, two people can be seen riding an electric scooter. When they see the police car turning towards them, they both jump off the bike, but it’s already too late.

The electric scooter driver is also fined 40 euros, as it is forbidden to transport someone on an electric scooter.

According to Pasterstein, most drivers justify the offense by saying that they are not aware of the ban on transporting someone on an electric scooter. Therefore, he hopes that the police’s message is shared far and wide.


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