How to play Pokémon Unite ranked on Nintendo Switch and mobile

It has been more than a month since it arrived Pokémon Unite to Nintendo Switch but its player base is about to grow when it hits mobile devices in a couple more weeks. Developed by Tencent In collaboration with The Pokémon Company, Pokémon Unite is the franchise’s foray into the genre MOBA and as such, it offers a competitive or ranked mode.

Although Pokémon Unite has a Ranked or competitive mode, this is not available to all players from the beginning, as it is necessary to meet a series of requirements to be able to play with the best players. However, these requirements They are quite easy to comply with and it is possible to be playing ranked in a matter of hours.

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To be able to play Pokémon Unite en ranked You need three things: 1) Become a Level 6 Trainer. 2) Have 5 Pokémon of your own. 3) Have at least 79 fair play points.

To be able to become a Coach level 6 You only need to play a few games for a couple of hours, enough to understand the basic mechanics of the game and understand what the roles of the different types of Pokémon are. Fair play points or fair play depends on your behavior in game; all players start at 100 but are reduced if they leave games or are absent.

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About the Unite licenses, which is the way to get Pokémon in the game, these are achieved in different ways, but generally it is necessary to complete the challenges of the game’s events to get them. In addition, it is already confirmed that those who pre-register for Pokémon Unite for mobile devices will receive a free Pikachu.


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