How to lose weight and tone your muscles without going to the gym but starting with just 1 complete exercise to do at home

If we want to lose a few extra pounds it is important to have a balanced diet, but also to get used to regular physical exercise. As for the latter, it would be best to start gradually, doing both cardio and muscle strengthening exercises.

However, when we have developed some resistance, there is one that manages to incorporate both types. It is, in fact, a complete and high-intensity exercise. Thus, we could shorten the training time without losing effectiveness.

As with all exercises, however, it is important to learn how to perform the right movements to avoid getting hurt and wasting energy. So let’s see how to approach this complete workout of which even 5 minutes would be enough.

How to lose weight and tone your muscles without going to the gym but starting with just 1 complete exercise to do at home

The exercise in question is called burpee, in its classic version. This involves the muscles of different parts of the body, making the heart work as well and increasing the resistance of the body. For this, burpees help to strengthen the muscles but also to tone them, burning fat, a bit like running or walking.

In reality, the burpee is not a new exercise because it seems that it was invented in the late 1930s to evaluate the physical performance of new soldiers. Today, however, given the attention we pay to body care, it is back in vogue as physical exercise.

Its popularity is due precisely to its ability to involve different areas of the body, increasing the heart rate. An important detail, however, is that you don’t need any equipment to do this. So we won’t need to go to the gym or make big purchases, but we can do burpees directly on the floor. This is why it is an ideal exercise if we want to insert it into practically any routine. Some say, then, that doing it in the morning should give you a new boost of energy and good mood.

How to do it

To do this exercise we will only need to wear comfortable clothes and sneakers. So, let’s position ourselves horizontally to the floor and do a flexion. Then, in one movement, we bring the feet behind the hands still on the ground. At this point, we need to jump straight up, stretching our arms up to give us the momentum. After that, we repeat the movements just made in reverse and start all over again without stopping.

Here, then, is how to lose weight and tone your muscles thanks to a balanced diet, a healthy lifestyle and complete exercise.

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