How to get depleted uranium, Yarano pesos and coins

Far Cry 6 has a lot of equipment and arsenal that can be found all over the world, but there are also a lot of content that is purchased in stores of the game, to NPCs who negotiate with us. Of course, to be able to buy a new arsenal we will need to have savings. In this case, in Far Cry 6 there are available up to three different major currencies, of which we want to talk to you in this post (be careful, we mean money “in-game”, that is, to in-game money, not real money microtransactions).

Next, to clear any possible doubts, we will tell you how can you get depleted uranium, Yarano pesos, and coins.

How to get depleted uranium?

Although it is rather a resource and not a currency as such, the depleted uranium It is one of the currencies of Far Cry 6 since it is used to acquire new Supreme and handyman weapons in Juan’s office and his arms dealers.

  • The single method to get depleted uranium go through visit the different anti-aircraft guns of the FND army.
  • These military targets always have a container of depleted uranium near them.
  • So if you want to get depleted uranium go to all the anti-aircraft guns and search the surrounding area the icon on the uranium chest minimap.
Far Cry 6 - Depleted Uranium Containers

All depleted uranium containers te darn 50 of this resource. Don’t worry, because if you visit all the anti-aircraft guns you will get enough uranium to acquire all Supreme and handyman weapons.

How to get yaranos weights?

Far Cry 6 -

The Yarano pesos They are the main currency of Far Cry 6. The pesos are spent in Juan’s arms dealers to acquire new arsenal, also in the different camp facilities and even negotiating with NPCs.

There are many methods for which you can get Yara pesos in the game, exploring Yara.

  • Mainly you will earn pesos when you kill enemy soldiers, if you pass close to their lifeless bodies you will automatically collect a few pesos for your pockets.
  • You also earn pesos sometimes by complete different missions. Don’t forget to take a look at your journal section for the missions at your disposal.
  • It is possible to earn pesos by play cockfighting and win in these struggles.
  • Compete in races and win to get pesos as a reward (you can repeat them as many times as you want, winning races after the first time will always give you 200 pesos).
  • Participate in bandit operations, assign leaders to objectives and remember to activate these operations so that are “completed” in the background while you keep playing. Then he returns to the trading posts to finish completing them and earn more additional pesos.
  • You can also exchange materials at workbenches and at NPCs to receive Yarano pesos in exchange. If you are short of them, it is a good way to get more.
Far Cry 6 - Mejores m

Finally, a piece of advice. If you want to increase your balance of pesos, it is highly recommended to wear as side to Chorizo. This dog can auto dial on the map any box with resources that is close to your current position, something that comes in handy when looting and obtaining more weights as well as other materials.

How to get coins?

Far Cry 6 -

The coins They are the third and last main currency of Far Cry 6 (and the least common of the three that we review in this article). This kind of money is used exclusively to buy equipment and weapons unique to Lola, and is related to the “cooperative” part de Far Cry 6.



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