How to easily download Twitter Spaces

One of the latest cool features to come to Twitter are the Spaces. These allow you to create rooms where several users can discuss different topics and thus compete directly with Clubhouse. The fact is that there is a way is not to lose the talk and that it remains in oblivion: download it.

Although there are not a few who believe that once a Space has been used the corresponding information disappears, but this is not the case, there is a way in which you can get and save everything that has been discussed with great simplicity and using to it a completely official tool. That is, you are not going to put your profile in the aforementioned social network at risk, since do not violate any of the rules of use that you have established.

What you have to do to download the Spaces

One of the things that is quite surprising about the tool we are talking about is that the function that allows downloading the copies of the audio that are saved by the social network. Be that as it may, if you want to have a history of everything you have done in the Twitter Spaces, you should know that it is completely possible and that you will be able to store everything you have generated on the premises.

One of the things you should know is that the platform is the one that you will best be able to carry out the process that we are going to explain is by accessing your Twitter account through the web version of the platform, since it is where you will find the simplest and most intuitive way to finish everything in a very short time and without complications.

Once you are inside Twitter, what you have to do is on the left side click on an option called More options. Among the new sections that you will see, the one you have to choose to access the audio download tool is called Settings and privacy. Now you will see that the central part of the screen changes in an obvious way showing a large number of possibilities.

Privacy on Twitter | Technoexplore

At this time you should keep the selection on Your account (or modify the one you have active for the one we have indicated). On the right side you will find Download a file with your dataWhat is the tool you have to use to get the audios of the Spaces that you have created. By clicking on this option, you will be asked to re-enter your Twitter password. Click Next when you do so to continue with the process that will send an email or message to your mobile phone for you to verify your identity as a second protection step.

Right now what you have to do is use the option Request file and, then, the social network will carry out all the internal processes necessary to create a compressed file (in ZIP format, which is practically a standard) and in time 24 hour maximum you should get a message to download directly. You will see that inside the downloaded file is all the information that you have created on Twitter and, among them, are the audios created in Spaces -as well as other options such as the message history-.

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