How much does a slightly used Dacia Duster cost. BT Leasing is selling an almost new example at a bargain price

A slightly used Dacia Duster is listed for sale by BT Leasing. The car is only one year old and is being sold at a competitive price.

Dacia Duster is one of the most popular affordable SUVs on the market. The Romanian model is an important competitor in the new SUV market, enjoying solid sales figures on the European continent.

It is also very popular in Romania, and in our country, a new Dacia Duster it has a base price of 15,850 euros. However, we are talking about a basic variant, without many features, not even air conditioning.

Dacia Duster with few kilometers at an attractive price

The car that BT Leasing has one listed for sale is from 2022, only one year old. The asking price for it is 16,541 euros. Being manufactured in 2022, it is a facelift model. This brought updated headlights with LED technology, new taillights and a few other restyling details. With only 31,865 kilometers, the car is in very good shape.

Under the hood is the 1.5-liter diesel engine, which develops 116 hp. This is connected to a six-speed manual gearbox, but all-wheel drive is missing. That’s a good thing for fuel economy, especially for those who know they won’t be off the road much.

The interior is quite simple, but has the necessary options for everyday life, such as automatic pilot, air conditioning, electrically adjustable mirrors, parking sensors and a multimedia screen with the possibility of connecting with a mobile phone.

This Duster can be a good alternative to a new SUV, even a new Duster. Being a lightly used car, only a year old, it should not cause problems from a technical point of view.



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