How Maison Lutétia became the new landmark for aesthetes

Chic setting, place of life or upscale aesthetic clinic, we do not know! At the heart of the Capital in the 17th arrondissement, Maison Lutétia is above all an address for insiders that defends a certain idea of ​​French beauty. Sublimated beauty for sophisticated people. Nathanaël Aknine, its founder, has combined advanced technologies, medical expertise and felted codes in order to meet the requirements of his patient base. Most of the show business personalities and entrepreneurs. Maison Lutétia has notably become the European benchmark for hair treatments. A market with exponential demand. Forbes pushed the door of this unique destination in the Parisian offer.

Maison Lutétia cultivates its singularity in the aesthetic Parisian landscape. Tell us about your concept and its particularities?

Nathanael Aknine : We offer the latest technologies in terms of hair, body and skin treatments, in a 19th century mansion revisited in our image, with a floral garden out of sight. Elegance, cutting-edge technology and discretion are the watchwords of Maison Lutétia, with a technical platform that is constantly renewed, treatments in tune with the times, to meet the requirements of our patients, a top-of-the-range service , and an enchanting atmosphere specific to our universe. Often, we enter the Maison Lutétia to respond in a visit to a daily problem, such as a bout of fatigue with a radiance treatment, the sudden appearance of imperfections with the help of a targeted treatment, or again the desire to trace his beard with a few laser hair removal sessions. Known for being the international reference in hair transplants, Maison Lutétia supports the hair project of patients, all stages of baldness combined …

Maison Lutétia is a unique destination for those who care about their appearance while respecting a natural image. A haunt of subtle, French-style aesthetic medicine that appeals to socialites, high-level athletes, influencers, but also self-care enthusiasts from all walks of life.

The terminology of “home” rather than “aesthetic clinic” is not trivial either … What does this word cover?

N.A : The name “house” first echoes several of our values, such as the importance of expertise, an artisanal approach, and a sense of good manners. It is also the idea that we have of a refined living space, of a warm cocoon, far from the cold walls of Parisian aesthetic clinics. A decoration halfway between modernity and tradition, parquet floors that smell of history, a delicate floral landscape… Everything has been tastefully chosen to enhance our Parisian setting, and so that our patients feel good there, no having only one idea in mind: to come back and stroll there. The care we have taken in this haven of peace is the key to the feeling of well-being that our visitors experience when they walk through the door. Here, time stands still to enjoy a harmony that invites relaxation and pleasure.

You are at the forefront of hair treatments. Your expertise ranks you among the best in Europe. What are the proposed solutions and for which issues?

N.A : Androgenetic alopecia, telogen effluvium, alopecia areata, postpartum hair loss … At Maison Lutétia, there is a solution to each hair problem, a tailor-made treatment plan being defined by an expert doctor during a first consultation. A flagship treatment in aesthetic medicine, the capillary MesoLED allows you to regain strength, density and shine. Micro-injections of a biostimulating cocktail of essential nutrients associated with regenerating light therapy have the effect of increasing the diameter of the hair: little by little the hair visibly thickens. A cure to be carried out to accompany a period of stress, a difficult change of season, a hormonal disorder … For those who are not ready to take the plunge of hair transplantation, dermopigmentation of the scalp is recommended. It is an aesthetic treatment to give an illusion of density using micro-lines made in the superficial layers of the scalp, produced using hypoallergenic pigments. Also ideal for those who appreciate the shaved head effect, who want to hide a scar, or cover a sparse area. The effect could not be more authentic, and reversible, since a touch-up approximately every three years is to be expected in the event that the patient wishes to enhance the pigments.

Finally, our exclusive method of hair transplant without scalpel or scar, is recommended in the event that you have androgenetic alopecia, whatever its stage, to aesthetically harmonize a hair line, densify a beard, or even regain hair and thickness. in the most natural way possible. It is undoubtedly the gentleness of our method, the intelligence, the artistic dimension of our implantation technique, and the strict standardization of our protocol, which make us the leading hair center in Europe.

Nathanaël Aknine, CEO and Founder © Maison Lutétia

The pandemic has shed light on this hitherto ‘taboo’ subject among women who, however, are increasingly concerned. There is an explosion in demand and supply. What are you observing?

N.A : An adverse effect linked to Covid-19 was discovered this year: one in five people would experience hair loss within six months of infection, with a higher percentage in women. The weakening of the hair system would be almost inevitable, with hair loss around 6 weeks after contracting it. Scientists agree that it is a telogen effluvium (csignificant loss of hair without alopecic plaque), which can occur after a health problem. While doctors are unanimous on the fact that regrowth will resume within a year of contracting the virus, the wait can seem endless, especially for women who consider that their hair is part of their identity. At Maison Lutétia, effective treatments are offered to boost cell function, nourish the hair fiber from the inside and provide the hair with nutrients essential to their vitality, such as MésoLED, which in this case is akin to rehabilitation. capillary.

« Sublimate, never change Is your motto. Is the temptation to always more obsolete? Instagram, this barometer, still seems to be part of this trend.

N.A : Many of our patients ask us to sublimate their features, by revealing a version of themselves, for the better, while supporting their skin aging process. If they trust us, it’s because they adhere to our philosophy, which is to bring out beauty, without ever transforming it. We do not want to change the features of our patients, but rather sublimate their strengths with delicate touches, the treatments we offer are also always reversible. Our beauty standards are indeed very far from the cliché of faces transformed by excessive and uncontrolled interventions, as we could see some twenty years ago. When our patients visit us, it is often to carry out preventive or gentle correction treatments, and non-invasive beauty treatments.

On social networks, two beauty trends stand out: that of ostentatious modification of features, American style, sometimes in very young women, and that of a subtle magnification of assets, French style. You guessed it: rather we embody this second approach to beauty, the delicacy of which accompanies our patients at every stage of their life. To illustrate these two areas of aesthetic medicine, let’s take the example of lip augmentation by injections of hyaluronic acid. These can be done in several ways, depending on the expected results. Very popular with reality TV stars in particular, the “Russian Lips”, which we choose not to practice, is a technique of “swelling” of the tissues, performed using a needle placed above. lips, vertical. Its unnatural results are very different from our “French Kiss”, produced using a flexible cannula much gentler on the skin, placed at the corners of the lips for a horizontal injection, in order to hem the mouth. in a subtle way following its original design, and to bring softness and charm to the face. “Botoxed lips” are not part of our vocabulary, since botulinum toxin is not a volumizing product, as we still often believe, and is therefore not injected into the lips.

In short, it would not correspond to our values ​​to accede to requests that doctors would not consider appropriate, insofar as we wish to support the development of our patients in a healthy, effective and long-term way, by valuing their assets with taste and accuracy. This is the reason why we do not fall into the trap of ephemeral fashions, charm being in our eyes a universal value, which we are keen to preserve over time.

In the age of social distancing and remote work, the demand for aesthetic medicine is exponential. How do you explain this paradox?

N.A : With the explosion of teleworking, many have started to participate in videoconferences. The quality of the computer camera is not necessarily flattering, with poor indoor lighting that doesn’t help, many men and women have developed complexes, focusing on small imperfections that didn’t have them. never bothered before. By dint of looking in the mirror, virtual or not, it is easy to develop an obsession around small details that we are sometimes alone to notice. Wearing a mask has a lot to do with it too! As the lower part of the face is concealed, attention is focused on the appearance of the eyes. Thus, the PlexR, which aims to smooth the eyelids by inducing a retraction of the tissues, the absorbable tensor threads, whose traction effect goes up the tails of the eyebrows, as well as the botulinum toxin injections, which attenuate in a few days periorbital wrinkles are very successful.

© Maison Lutétia

You are also established in Dubai, a destination whose culture is at first glance far removed from Parisian chic.

N.A : When we had the idea of ​​developing Maison Lutétia in Dubai, it was based on a desire to export French know-how, bring our “French Touch”, by offering an authentic approach to the sublimation of features . In a city where the locals are already very knowledgeable in aesthetic medicine, this could seem challenging. But our unique vision of beauty, Parisian elegance and the discretion specific to our culture, has been able to charm beyond borders. There was indeed a real demand for a subtle beauty treatment, ignored by Dubai clinics, the oriental beauty standard leaning more towards the ostentatious. Maison Lutétia was thus able to develop its activity naturally.

Medium-term projects?

N.A : We have a lot of requests for expansion projects in France and internationally. In the future, we will certainly see the emergence of new living spaces by Maison Lutétia.

Lutétia House

6 rue Ampère

75017 Paris


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