“How is your sexual desire?” Choi Ki-gi, who got divorced – Yoo Sesame Leaf, brought up a high-level talk (video)

Choi Ki-gi, a YouTuber, drew attention by mentioning sexual desire during the marriage with his ex-wife, Yu Se-nib.

On the 3rd, a video titled ‘The 19th Gold Party for All Wives and Great Retreat’ was uploaded on YouTube’s ‘Best Giving’ channel. In the video, Choi Ki-gi and Yu Sesame Leaf sat together and continued their conversation.

“My brother (Choi Choi) really hates this kind of thing,” said Yoo Sesame Leaf, who showed her long nails to the viewer’s request to “show her nails.”

Below is YouTube’s ‘best time’

Choi Ki-gi, who was next to him, joked, “It’s uncomfortable for a man.” Yu Sesame Leaf, who was momentarily speechless in shock, responded violently, saying “Crazy XX”.

At the end of the peak period that there are no plans to have a girlfriend for the time being, one viewer asked the question, “How do you solve sexual desire?” Choi Ki-ki replied, “I’m good on my own.” The sesame leaf next to him also pointed to the best stage and said, “I’m good by myself.”

Seeing the viewer’s comment, “Even if you get married, you do it alone”, Yu Seol-ip burst into laughter, saying, “If my wife doesn’t do this…”

Choi Ki-ki said, “I have a bit of a strong sex drive. I’m a little bit too tall, so when I was rejected (by the sesame leaf), I became pale.” Yu Sesame Leaf recalled the situation at the time, saying, “(Choi Ki) quietly went somewhere else.”

Next, Choi Ki-ki said, “Actually, we talked about this a lot in our marriage. But they were all cut off. We talked a lot more seriously than this. I think it would have been fun if it came out.”

youtube, the best

In the past, the two appeared on TV Chosun’s ‘We Got Divorce’ and honestly talked about their relationship during their marriage. Choi Ki-ki said, “Every day I wash the dishes, but didn’t I just touch you? Can’t you touch it?” Yu Sesame Leaf confessed, “This oppa’s tastes are a little difficult for me to match… the relationship itself didn’t suit me.”

Choi Ki-gi and Yu Se-nib, who divorced in April of last year after four years of marriage, have a daughter, Pine-nib.

“When I wash the dishes… ” Choi Ki-gi-Yu Sesame Leaf Mentioning ‘Song Gung-Hap’ as a Reason for Divorce Choi Ki-gi and Yu sesame leaf sitting face-to-face and talking about marital relationship

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