“How is he in bed.” Another blow to Charlene, who confesses – Libero Quotidiano

At the center of the spotlight and gossip, in spite of themselves, there are Charlene of Monaco and her husband, the Prince Albert. A dramatic period for Wittstock, hospitalized in a secret location after being away from the principality for months. It is also a difficult period for the couple, who have been in crisis for years now. What happens to Grimaldi Palace it is shrouded in mystery, but the drafts suggest that many factors are not in their place.

And so, in this context, the world press is unleashed, looking for details, interrogating sources for understand what is happening. And in the same context, old gossip reappears. One, in particular, concerning Alberto, one who has the reputation of a womanizer, so much so that behind the eternal crisis with Charlene there would also be betrayals. Numerous reports have been attributed to the prince, some known and others never confirmed.

And one of these relationships leads straight to Italy: in the 90s, in fact, Alberto had lost his head for Simona Tagli, icon of our TV in those years. Success came with Sunday In, where she was called by Gianni Boncompagni after the latter had noticed her in Sanremo, where she showed up with her famous busty body and a screaming miniskirt. And in short, even the prince fell in love with her.

In a recent interview, Simona Tagli spoke about her first meeting with the prince: “I met him at a dinner in Rome in 1998. Let’s say that he crossed borders several times to meet me. We have experienced wonderful moments of complicity and I still feel affection for him. He is very similar to his mother Grace and has always kept his fair play over time. “And again, she told what she liked about him:” I, on the other hand, attracted the contrast between his decision-making in the role of ambassador of the Principality and a way of to be childish in private life. He was also very passionate in intimacy “, concluded Simona Tagli. In short, the story was there. And how …



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