How far will medical imaging take us?

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How in a few decades MRI and scanners have made our body transparent (and in 3D) revolutionizing diagnoses, prognoses and treatments. From neonatal brain scan to assisted surgery, how far and how to image the body?

MRIs, scanners, tomography, ultrasounds have made our body and all its organs transparent. In color, in motion and in 3D as well. And down to the cellular or molecular scale. How this veritable revolution in imaging for health, started with X-rays, has accelerated in recent decades with advances in computing and artificial intelligence and why it changes everything: prevention, diagnosis and treatments. How does this non-invasive approach make it possible to visualize the activity of the brain and its functioning live (from the womb), to follow the evolution of a cancerous tumor or to guide the actions of a surgeon? What ethical questions does it raise to put the body in image?

With Laure Blanc Feraud, CNRS Research Director at the Computer Science, Signals and Systems Laboratory of Sophia-Antipolis and Damien Garcia, Research Fellow at Inserm, for their work The body in pictures (CNRS Editions)


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