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A mortgage comparator is the best way to find the loan that best suits the particular situation and needs of consumers. Among its main ones are that they are online and free tools, offer a panoramic view of the market, save time and provide very relevant information when choosing one loan or another, such as the final interest rate.

We explain the reasons why you should use a mortgage comparator in the process of searching for a loan to buy a home:

Offers a panoramic view of the mortgage market

The first advantage of using a mortgage comparator when we are going to ask for a mortgage is that it will offer us a panoramic view of the mortgage market. Namely, He is not going to present us only the offers of one bank or another, but it will show us all the offers available in the market at that moment. In this way, we can compare products not only in the same entity, but also between different banks.

It provides very relevant information when choosing

Another of the main advantages that must be taken into account when we use a mortgage comparator is that it will offer us concrete and very relevant information. For example, the APR of each mortgage. That is, what we are really going to pay for contracting each specific product.

Offers searches based on personal profile

A mortgage comparator takes into account the profile of each client thanks to the information we provide. In this way, you can select those mortgages that really fit our needs and our demands. That is, it takes into account if we can access a mortgage for young people, if we have a fixed salary or if we are self-employed, what house we can afford, etc.

It’s completely safe

A mortgage comparator like Idealista’s is completely safe to use. The data it uses are only those strictly necessary to study each particular case, and all are processed following all the necessary measures to guarantee full security both of the data itself and of the clients.

It is a mortgage and price comparator

On the other hand, it can be said that a mortgage comparator is also a price comparator. In general, in addition to the general conditions, one of the aspects that is most taken into account when comparing mortgages is the final price that we will pay for contracting each of the products that we are comparing. In this sense, using a mortgage comparator is a of the best ways to save money with the loan What are we going to hire?

It saves a lot of time

Another advantage of using a mortgage comparator is that it helps us save time. How? Simply, Imagine that you have to contact each bank and then you compare each of the products they offer… How long could it take you to do all that from scratch?

It offers greater comfort thanks to the fact that it is digital

Likewise, it cannot be overlooked that a mortgage comparator offers much greater comfort than if we made the comparison ourselves. The mortgage comparator is digital, it can be done from home and without the need to call. You simply enter your data and the computer gives you the results in a few seconds. More comfortable impossible.

Using a mortgage comparator is free

On the other hand, one of the advantages offered by mortgage comparators such as Idealista is that it is free. Something that always comes in handy, especially when you are thinking of buying a house and applying for a mortgage.

Allows you to make the best decision

Using a mortgage comparator helps us make the best decision, since it gives us the Specific and relevant information that we need to choose the mortgage that best suits our needs and characteristics as a client. In this way, we avoid having to settle for the first mortgage we see, or with the product that our usual bank offers us.

Finally, we must remember that, when we use a mortgage comparator, what we are going to obtain are various generic offers. For this reason, it is very important to present the operation in several banks and thus be able to see the specific offers that each entity makes. In this way, we can be completely sure of finding the loan that really suits our needs.


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