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How do you deal with an undecided person?

by drbyos

How to deal with an undecided person? Helping her discover what is preventing her from taking a position, insisting on what would happen if she did not decide anything, are already two elements of the answer. The continuation in video with Christine Deiss sophrologist in Tours.

Do I buy the blue or do I buy the red? This summer, vacation by the sea or vacation in the mountains? And Saturday night: movies or pizza in front of the TV? How to deal with an undecided person?

For the undecided person, not deciding anything (and therefore doing nothing or achieving nothing), allows him to keep the illusion of being able to do everything or succeed! The undecided waits for others to decide for them, which prevents them from assuming the consequences of their choice themselves. In fact, they avoid feeling responsible at all costs. The fear of failing, the fear of losing something, a situation or a person, by making a choice, keeps the undecided in inaction. Making a choice will be experienced unconsciously, like giving up all other possibilities! Let’s take an example: if I choose to buy the blue sweater. Well, I’m going to give up the red sweater and the green sweater which would also have been perfectly fine!

The second thing not to do is to blame him for his inaction.

So how do you help someone who is uncertain? There are first 2 things not to do The first: give advice. Because if you start to decide for an indecisive person, you will be held responsible for the consequences. The second thing not to do is to blame him for his inaction. Because you will only reinforce the negative image that the undecided person has of himself! What you can do: Well, first, help him find out what is preventing him from positioning himself. Help her imagine all the benefits of the decision she is going to make (if only the pride of having made up her mind …) rather than focusing on what she imagines losing

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Finally, if the undecided person is a teenager, a young adult or even a child, suggest that he or she find in his knowledge, in his reading, in his video games or his films, a person who is a model of success or of will. . And, with each indecision, suggest to the undecided one to imagine the decision that his model of success would make in this situation!

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