How can Vogtland still prevent massive corona infections?

Public order offices and municipalities should take a closer look

District Administrator Keil turned to the mayors of the district with an urgent request: “We absolutely need the municipal regulatory authorities to prevent parties and garage meetings.” Public order offices should have stronger and more targeted controls. In difficult cases, the mayors could also request help from the police, said Keil.

Control supermarkets more closely

Several mayors and the CDU member of the Bundestag Yvonne Magwas criticized supermarkets and discounters and their lax handling of hygiene measures. In many places it is up to the customer whether they disinfect cars, for example. The Mayor of Elsterberg, Sando Bauroth, sees “potential for intervention” in the supermarkets. However, he also described the concerns of smaller municipalities about being able to control the situation with controls. Fines that are listed in the Corona Protection Ordinance must also be enforced, he said.

Prime Minister Kretschmer advocated that mayors and public order offices should first speak to supermarket managers and point out their hygiene protection concepts. If that doesn’t work, a fine is due. “Yes, you can let it escalate and if necessary also close the deal,” said Kretschmer. But: “I would always speak first and appeal to responsibility. We are not a police state.”

Why not rapid tests wherever people cluster

The Saxon Dehoga President Axel Hüpkes asked why one should not focus more on “uncoordinated leisure behavior of people”. His suggestion: “Rapid tests in the places where many people come together – also as a reminder”. Kretschmer wants to take the idea with him into the next political rounds in Saxony and Berlin. The CDU politician would link as many places or activities as possible that should open or be possible again to rapid tests. “We’re working on it, but it’s still a matter of a few weeks.”

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We also have to sensitize the smaller craft businesses. Too often people still sit too close together.

Rico Schmidt
Mayor of the city of Adorf

Quarantine means staying at home

During the discussion, District Administrator Keil announced a poster campaign that would draw the residents’ attention to the rapid tests. The Chemnitz Chamber of Commerce President Dieter Pfortner wants to call on companies in Vogtland to carry out tests. “We reach a large number of people there.” At the same time, he pointed out that those infected with corona would have to stay at home with a quarantine notice. “Quarantine means isolation. People shouldn’t go shopping or bring the health insurance certificate to the company themselves.”

The police chief of the Zwickau police department, Lutz Rodig, offered to carry out more controls. Checks go especially with stubborn quarantine refusers. “We could take on up to 15 cases a day,” said Rodig. In addition, ten police officers could be sent back to the health department to follow up on contacts.


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