“Hot-blooded teenagers” just look at each other. Open the battle in the middle of the pump – teeth are broken, 2 injured, 1 dead

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23 Mar 2022 04:29

Young man, 18, wearing a technical shirt, abstaining from a motorcyclist, comes to buy things with his friends, meets two jokers, looking for trouble On the way back, open the battle for Kan Nua – being slashed to death, 1 more, 1 survived. The second side, Jo, after the incident fled in time – was severely wounded. 1 The parents were sent to the hospital. The police tracked them down. Both were seized.

At 11 p.m. on March 22, 65, Pol Col Witoon Pengbuppha, deputy senator (inquiry) of Bang Sao Thong police station, received a report of a teenager using a knife to fight each other. There were injuries and deaths. The incident happened inside the PTT gas station, Thepharak Road, km. 24, Bang Sao Thong Subdistrict, Bang Sao Thong District, Samut Prakan Province. therefore traveled to check with investigative officers probation officer and the Por Tek Tung Foundation rescue staff

The scene was in front of a convenience store. inside the pump Rescuers from Bang Bo Hospital and rescuers tried to help pump the heart. To save life, Mr. Chayutpong Puttaraksa, 18 years old, resides at 444/71 Moo 2, Bang Bo Subdistrict, Bang Bo District, Samut Prakan Province. that was stabbed by another teenager using a sharp knife It took officers more than 20 minutes to pump the heart but was unsuccessful and eventually died at the scene.

from examining the condition of the corpse One wound was stabbed by a sharp object in the neck, 1 wound on the left shoulder, 1 wound under the left armpit, 4 wounds on the back, a total of 7 wounds. The perpetrator escaped. At the scene, blood droplets were found scattered all over the floor. A little further apart, a 12-inch long knife was found on the ground near the parking lot.

Asked by Mr. Apiwat Kabson, 18, a friend of the deceased, said that before the accident, he and the deceased rode on a motorcycle to buy things at a convenience store. The deceased, wearing a technical T-shirt of an institution in Bang Bo area, arrived in front of the shop when he met two teenagers sitting on a motorcycle. and a look at each other Then he and the deceased walked into the shop to buy things. before walking back to the car During that time, the perpetrators drove their motorcycles to park in the back of their cars. before holding down each knife and talking arrogantly The deceased then used the knife he carried with him to slash. before being beaten to death by the perpetrator As for himself at that moment, he fell and got up and ran across the road to the other side in time. therefore narrowly survived

There are news reports that Two of the assailants were also injured. After the incident, he fled back to his home. and the parents were taken to the hospital Later known as Mr. Thanakorn (reserves his last name), 18 years old, had teeth on both arms and legs, severe condition, while the other person, Mr. Thanakorn (reserves his last name), 19 years old, was slightly injured. Investigators therefore freeze them both. ready to closely monitor the two By late tomorrow (March 23), officials will coordinate to request CCTV footage at the scene. to check and find the exact cause again As for the body of the deceased, rescuers were sent for an autopsy at Ramathibodi Chakri Naruebodin Hospital. for further investigation

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