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They face the sick on a daily basis, fighting to save lives. This second wave of the fenua pandemic places a significant emotional burden on caregivers. At the Taaone hospital, a support system has also been put in place. “Many caregivers today live with great pain and it is not uncommon to see caregivers today cry over the situations they are experiencing and this emotional load must absolutely be considered” the director Claude Panero explained a few weeks ago.

A load to which is added the pressure of social networks. Behind their screens, out of sadness or even incomprehension, some do not hesitate to question the professionalism of the CHPF doctors.

Asked during the medical evacuation of patients with covid to the metropolis, the head of the CHPF resuscitation unit reacted: “We held on for a long time because it’s been more than a month that we are on the front line in parentheses, and we held because we also had the support of people and because it’s our job. And it’s true that last week or 10 days ago, when I saw the first publication that spoke about these doubts about the treatment at Taaone, it really hurt us, says Dr Ouarda Krid. I know I cried for the first time that day when it has been a while since I could have cried. But it rocked me so I realized that it was indeed quite fragile and that we were all a bit at the end of the line. But fortunately, it’s a fraction of people who talk about it. We know very well that it is not the majority and we trust our country, we trust the people who want to help us. And today we are coming to help us so we are highlighting this action because we know that it will help us take even better care of the patients who are still in Polynesia. ”


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