Honor | Magic5 Pro, features and price of a smartphone with which Honor continues to aim high | cell phones | Smartphones | high end | Peruvian market | TECHNOLOGY

Honor |  Magic5 Pro, features and price of a smartphone with which Honor continues to aim high |  cell phones |  Smartphones |  high end |  Peruvian market |  TECHNOLOGY

Almost a year ago I had the opportunity to try the Magic4 Pro de Honor. At the time, I pointed out that it was a pleasant surprise at the high end and that it had the conditions. This time I have had to test -in similar conditions as in 2022- the new Magic5 Pro de Honor. Will there be a real change?

I can’t think too much about something that, happily for consumers, has become evident: It is a high-end smartphone that has been able to correct and improve its functions, resulting in a device that, once again, has all the conditions to fight in the highest segment of the market.

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very positive experience

In design, the older brother of the Honor Magic5 Series is capable of leaving you speechless. Excellent color (I tried matte green), rear finish in which fingerprints do not get impregnated.

The rear module of the Honor Magic5 Pro is quite striking, especially due to its design.

Despite the fact that Honor has been independent for two years, in the new models the similarity in design with some Huawei devices is still felt. In this case, the rear circular module -which houses the main cameras located in a triangular way- looks very similar, for example, to the Mate 30. For many, this is not necessarily a bad thing, but I think it is time for that independence as well is reflected in the design. It’s what I think.

The Honor Magic5 Pro is bulky, but despite this it is not uncomfortable in the hand (unless it is very small). LThe screen has all curved edges, is very bright and offers vivid colors. Its refresh rate is up to 120Hz. The front camera and the sensor are in perforations made in the same screen (facial recognition is precise and fast), it has two speakers, and IP68 certification (resistance to dust and immersion in water).

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jump that shows

This Honor Magic5 Pro brings the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor. As expected, especially in a device of this range, the performance is outstanding both for the most common tasks and for the most demanding ones, especially those related to generation. of videos, for example.

I noticed the warming of the team within the normal range. The overall usage experience is very smooth. The version I tried was the one from 12GB of RAM and 512GB of storage. More than enough for the needs of high-end equipment users.

interesting developments

In the high-end, the improvements in the different smartphones are evident in certain areas in particular. In the case of the Honor Magic5 Pro, these are noticeable above all in the cameras. The jump is not notable compared to last year’s model, but the intention to improve is noticeable. Likewise, it is interesting the implementation of some functions that are not yet at their highest point, but having been included adds up, without a doubt.

In photos, the main cameras offer clear images, with great detail and good interpretation of light, even in environments where it is not abundant. In the 10X zooms the image is maintained with a lot of quality. Using the impressive 100X activates, in one corner, a thumbnail image to know where in the shot we are zooming. However, a good result depends a lot on lighting and a good pulse. I hope that next year it reaches the level that the Galaxy S23 Ultra has today, which stabilizes the image for a better shot and better processes the final image.

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In the case of the video, it works very well and although in the preview it seems that the images will come out very shaky, the post processing offers outstanding results. Super Night mode is interesting, but it also has some limitations. It is important to know that there is a ceiling to reach.

As for the front cameras, The interest in offering good selfies is noticeable. In photos, especially, blurred backgrounds seem more and more natural.

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And as expected too, in terms of autonomy it does a good job. Using the Honor Magic5 Pro in not very demanding tasks, we can achieve a day without problems, with an effective autonomy of around five or six hours (taking into account its good work when it is in standby mode). If the tasks are more demanding (as in audiovisual creation or video games), the times may decrease. The important thing in this aspect is that it has a 66W wall adapter that allows fully charge the battery in about 40 minutes, and reach 50% in about 20 minutes.

Price and availability

online sale

He Honor Magic5 Progreen color and 12 GB of RAM and 512 storage, can be purchased from the official Honor website at S/ 4.799including as a gift a tablet Pad X8 3GB of RAM with 32GB of storage.

Is it worth going for this phone in 2023?

Without a doubt. He Honor Magic5 Pro It is one of the smartphones to consider, if you are looking to renew your high-end device. The Chinese brand, once again, has arguments to sneak in among the options to consider this year.

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It’s not the perfect smartphone, to be sure, but is going down an interesting path. Of course, each time it has less space to not be technologically in the same conditions as its competitors. The important thing about this year is that, until the moment this review is published, it can be obtained in a combo at a very attractive price.

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