Hong Kong Fun Games announced that it will be postponed to 2023 due to the epidemic and will not be named to denounce He Junyao for politicization | Position report

The 11th Gay Games was originally scheduled to be held in Hong Kong next year. It was the first time the event was hosted by an Asian city. However, the organizer announced today (15th) that due to the epidemic situation, travel restrictions are still adopted in various places and decided to postpone the event for one year until November 2023. The organizers also did not criticize by name. He Junyao and other members of the Legislative Council tried to politicize the sports meeting, causing the media to lose focus and ignoring the true mission of the Tongle Games.

The Hong Kong Tung Lok Games Organizing Committee announced today that the Tung Lok Games originally scheduled for November 2022 will be postponed to November 2023. Dennis Philipse, co-chair of the Tongle Games, explained that the situation of the new crown pneumonia variant is unpredictable, and travel restrictions have been adopted in various places, making it difficult for overseas participants to come to Hong Kong.

Dennis Philipse also criticized that a few members of the Legislative Council recently tried to politicize the Tongle Games, causing the media to lose focus and ignoring the true mission of the Tongle Games, which is to promote the spirit of national participation and “unity in diversity.” He said that the event was supported by the general public, the business community, and even other legislators. He also pointed out that the Chief Executive Carrie Lam has a positive attitude towards the spirit of the Tongle Games and a pluralistic society.

In June of this year,Ho Junyao once said at the Legislative Council meetingThe residents it represents are very opposed to the legalization of same-sex marriages and criticize the “Happiness Games” for being dishonest and making bad money. The Pakatan Harapan Leung also pointed out that the issue of sexual orientation has caused great controversy in Hong Kong society, and the event has the opportunity to tear the society apart. He believes that the government should remain neutral and demand the withdrawal of support for the Games.

The Taiwan Gay Sports Development Association (TGSMA) issued a statement in AugustBased on possible Chinese intervention, TGSMA will not send teams to participate in the Hong Kong Fun Games next year unless the Hong Kong authorities can guarantee the safety of athletes. TGSMA stated that it is worried that Taiwanese athletes and employees will be arrested for waving the Taiwan flag or participating in the competition under the name “Taiwan”.


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