Honest trailer comment Venom: Let There Be Carnage

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  1. Honestly, the Mumford t-shirt took me out of the movie a lot because I didn't know it was a Beverly Hills cop reference , I thought they were saying he went to Mumford. Which just wouldn't be likely. Possible but not likely.

  2. This movie sucked so bad, it doubles down but in a bad way, wasn't funny or something like that. What a waste of villains here, boring af. Everything seemed so forced and fast-paced after 30min. The problem isn't doing something different, problem is doing something different but not working. I wasn't going to watch this movie but I gave a nod to Andy Serkins, but damn how disappointing.

  3. If your answer to worst Marvel movie isn’t one of those Ghost Rider movies, you haven’t seen any terrible Marvel movies.

    I’ll suffer through an Elektra neverending marathon before I watch any five minutes of Spirit of Vengeance again.

  4. Obligatory nitpick: Black Canary is a martial artist who happens to have a sonic scream; Shriek is a mutant who manipulates sound. Yes, that comes down to both of them screaming at people, but Black Canary also gets in some cool fight scenes without relying on her super-power.

  5. Loved the first movie. Was really excited for this one. But I hated the villains here. Actually walked out of the theater. Haven't done that since Transformers 4.

  6. No love (hate?) for Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance as the worst marvel movie? Or is it so bad it oozed out of our heads? Serious venom movie, not what I am looking for. Two movies that made no correct decisions and I loved all of it.

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