Honest trailer comment Matrix Resurrections

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  1. They did it… Blizzard had Deckard cain killed by a butterfly on steroids, and now Neo, the machines, the programs, The Merovingian, were trashed because of WB…
    Ms Wachowski made her point though, that's the only relief…

  2. How come there are so many TV shows where the hosts/guests/anchors are live in Studio and you guys are still confined to your little virtual boxes? How are the rules over there?
    What I'm saying is:If possible please go back to the Studio(I know that's outside your control though).Just finished watching a view old episodes and the dynamic is just soo much better! Not that it's bad now…you know what I mean. Keep it up,love your stuff!

  3. Bidet joke was the only joke to make me laugh out loud. I got one of those bidet attachments for the bog and now my calendar system is BB and AB. Barbarian to Civilised for only 40 quid.

  4. is this when i realised that people don’t like being in the real world of the matrix thanks to Spency? I have always been the opposite. Without the real world, without zion and the sentinels etc Matrix is baaarely a cyberpunk movie. It was the only thing i was looking forward to in this movie mostly because the notion of a matrix is…well…boring. Fb is working on the metaverse, NFTs are weird and make no sense, people are fighting twitter wars more passionately than living their lives. Idk. Seeing the CW version of the matrix was incredibly boring. There were no stakes, I didn’t really care about freeing them at all xD

  5. I enjoy watching the Honest Trailers Commentary more than just the trailer itself. I disagreed with most of what Lon liked about this movie but I appreciated hearing an opposing point of view, which makes watching more interesting! Thanks for another fun show! Also, Doogie Browser? Gold!

  6. OMG!
    Sometimes Lon needs to just shut his yabhole, he just sits there yelling above Danielle so she can't get her points across.

    You should make an honest trailer about how much he just talks and talks in these somewhat good videos

  7. Yes Lon, I was expecting a Matrix film, cos the film has matrix in its title. I wasn't expecting or asked for a honest commentaries video essay for the first hour of the film. 5 mins its funny, 1 hour its insufferable

  8. Hugo Weaving is on record having said that he didn't come back due to scheduling conflicts. Iirc he said he thought he could've made it work but just ultimately couldn't

  9. I remain amazed and mystified that Avatar sequels are finally getting made. Surely the time to make Avatar sequels was right after the first one came out, when the prevailing narrative was more "WHOA that blew my mind SO PRETTY!" and less "ugh, it's just Dances With Wolves IN SPACE with pretty visuals, and now every blockbuster is being retrofitted to 3D and it sucks"? But perhaps I'm saying that due to the benefit of hindsight.

    Either way, I doubt Avatar 2 is going to make anything like the money the first one did.

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