Home games only for vaccinated and convalescent?

It was a colorful picture that was presented to the viewer in the stands of the university sports grounds on Hubland on Wednesday afternoon: About 120 young men and women posed with supervisors and coaches for a photo session for an action that is probably unparalleled in Germany.

At the invitation of Würzburg’s sports mayor Judith Jörg, the professional teams of the Würzburger Kickers, the DJK Rimparer Wölfe, from s.Oliver Würzburg and the baseball women of the QOOL SHARKS of the TG 1848 Würzburg came. The swimmers Leonie Beck and Lea Boy from SV05 Würzburg and the rower Finn Stäblein from the Würzburger Ruderverein Bayern joined them. All of them have received at least their first vaccination and the date for the second has been set, according to those responsible for the association.

Vaccination fatigue is increasing in Germany

The background: Vaccination fatigue is increasing in Germany. While in the whole of Germany around 61 percent of the population is fully immunized, in Würzburg city and country it is currently 66.8 percent. According to a survey by the Julius Maximilians University, in which 12,000 of its students took part, 75 percent of the students already have complete vaccination protection. Nevertheless, the number of those willing to vaccinate is stagnating in Würzburg as well.

That is why the city of Würzburg has not only started a joint vaccination campaign with the Julius Maximilians University, the University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt (FHWS) and the University of Music, which is aimed specifically at young people. The region’s sporting figureheads have also teamed up at the suggestion of the city.

“We now still have the opportunity to counter this and convince as many people as possible to get vaccinated.”

Prof. Dr. Lars Dölken – Institute for Virology and Immunobiology at the University of Würzburg

During a press conference after the photo session, Prof. Dr. Lars Dölken (Institute for Virology and Immunobiology of the University), Mayor Judith Jörg, Denis Wucherer (see Oliver Würzburg), Christian Jäger (FC Würzburger Kickers), Roland Sauer (DJK Rimparer Wölfe) and Ferdinand Michel (TG 1848 Würzburg), like they want to bring the fans back to the stadium and the hall in a responsible and atmospheric way. They paid particular attention to the role that vaccinations play in returning to normal.

It was also Dölken who was the first to speak after the mayoress thanked all participants. A Covid 19 infection also means a risk for professional athletes. “That can have a significant negative impact on your career and that’s why it’s important to get vaccinated,” said Dölken. “We now still have the opportunity to counter this and convince as many people as possible to get vaccinated.”

“As a professional football club, we naturally have a role model function for many young people”

“As a professional football club, of course, we have a role model function for many young people and we want to live up to that,” said Kickers CEO Christian Jäger. “We all long for a return to normality and to full stadiums. The 3G rule is very strictly controlled here. That is a considerable additional effort, but we know that we have to march ahead as a role model,” said Jäger.

“This is an important step for us to promote vaccination,” said Roland Sauer, managing director of Rimparer Handballer. “We experienced a season in which, with very few exceptions, we had to play without spectators, but all sports live from the emotions that our players need. That is why we are very grateful that we can play in front of an audience again, whereby we ourselves from politicians would have wished for one or the other more, “said Sauer. “The campaign should also give our viewers a clear signal of how important it is to get vaccinated.”

“We all want normalcy, and that is only possible if everyone is vaccinated”

“The last season is still very present for us when we had to play 34 games without a spectator,” said s.Oliver coach Denis Wucherer. “Of course we hope that we will be able to play in front of spectators again in the coming season and that we will get a step back into normalcy in the s.Oliver Arena.”

“Everyone who was vaccinated has done their part to normalize, and we now have to give them back their normal rights, and as quickly as possible.”

Mayor Judith Jörg

For Ferdinand Michel from TG 1848 Würzburg there was no question of taking part in this campaign, he said. “We all want normalcy, and that is only possible if everyone is vaccinated and we will be happy to take part in further campaigns.”

Further campaigns for “vaccine weary” are planned

Judith Jörg promised that there would be. “We are now going into the detailed planning of how we can carry out vaccination campaigns, be it at home games or on the marketplace, where you can then meet players,” said the mayor.

Wolves and basketball players think about home games with a 2G rule

The wolves and basketball players are also thinking about home games with a 2G rule, i.e. access only for those who have been vaccinated or recovered, angry and usurers confirmed on request. “But what it will look like at the start of the season at the beginning of October will probably be decided at relatively short notice,” explained Wucherer. Basketball and handball players had submitted an application to the city for further relief when applying the 2G rule, explained Sauer. “Say, no masks in place and alcohol again.”

This application will be examined, said Jörg, and then passed on, ultimately this will be decided in Munich. “I support that,” said the mayor. “Everyone who was vaccinated has done their part to normalize, and we need to give them back their normal rights, and we need to do it as soon as possible.”

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