Homage to BB King in the “Blue Cellar”

“The timing couldn’t have been better. Exactly on the 94th birthday of BB King, who died four years ago, one of his greatest musical admirers, Chris Cain, came to Muddy’s Club. On Monday evening he celebrated a very big homage to the unforgettable “King of Blues”, who with his singing and guitar playing reached a fan base far beyond his music division. “This is what Thomas Wilken from the Weinheimer Nachrichten wrote in his article on September 18, 2019. Chris Cain gave all visitors to Muddy’s Club a great evening. For all those who want to remember again, or who simply missed Chris Cain, here is a small excerpt from the concert. The video shown here is a live recording from the club, because the Muddy’s Club has had a special surprise for its guests since the beginning of the season. You can see well not only in front of the stage, but now also in the seats without a direct view of the stage. New monitors of excellent quality and live broadcasting, as is the case with the large organizers, with which images from the 5 detail cameras are also presented on the screens, also make places in the bar or at the wine counter highly attractive. The video remains unchanged from the output on the monitors in the club, convince yourself, preferably at one of the next concerts with a visit to the club.

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