Holidays in World of Tanks: This is how you get Arnold Schwarzenegger as a commander


The holiday ops in World of Tanks are just around the corner and deliver none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger. We’ll tell you how to get Arnie as a commander.

In World of Tanks you can get Arnold Schwarzenegger as a commander. (Source:

  • Holiday Ops will start in World of Tanks on December 9th.
  • During the event you will receive various bonuses, gifts and shards for Christmas decorations.
  • Every day there are new missions: Complete 27 of the 32 missions and get Arnold Schwarzenegger as commander.

In World of Tanks, the holidays are just around the corner with the Holiday Ops. From the 9th of December starts the event where you can get Arnold Schwarzenegger as a commander.

In the event period up to 10. January you get new missions every day. As soon as you Completed 27 of the 32 missions you can call Arnie your own as your commanding officer.

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In addition to this gift, you will receive a T3 Convertible right at the start of the event, and for each completed mission you will receive shards that you need to create Christmas decorations.

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