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Holetschek: 80 percent of the hospital workforce in Bavaria vaccinated

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According to Health Minister Klaus Holetschek, 80 percent of the hospital workforce has been vaccinated against Corona. He announced that hospital patients will soon be given a vaccination appointment.

Here is the press release:

The corona vaccinations for staff in Bavarian hospitals are well advanced. Bavaria’s Minister of Health Klaus Holetschek stressed on Saturday: “Since the start of the Corona vaccinations at the end of December, we have already given around 156,000 first and almost 112,000 second vaccinations in the hospitals. If we add the clinic employees who were vaccinated in the vaccination centers, that means: around 80 percent of the workforce received an initial vaccination. “

The minister added: “So four out of five employees are vaccinated, which is a very positive interim result. I also call on the employees in the Bavarian clinics who have not yet been vaccinated to use the vaccination offer. The more people get vaccinated against Corona, the better we can get through the pandemic. “

The vaccinations at the hospitals are coordinated by the Ministry of Health in close coordination with the Bavarian Hospital Society (BKG) and implemented technically by them. BKG managing director Roland Engehausen said: “The quick vaccination of the clinic staff has contributed to the fact that the increasing number of infections of the third corona wave in the Bavarian clinics could be mastered with all special challenges. From the perspective of the Bavarian clinics, we can now look to the future with cautious confidence. The Bavarian clinics do not exert any pressure on the few employees who are still critical of a vaccination for personal reasons. Rather, the positive effects of the corona vaccinations are immediately visible in the clinics and are also discussed regularly. “

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In addition, around ten percent of the staff who come into direct contact with patients are considered recovered after they became infected with COVID-19. According to the BKG, those who have recovered will shortly receive an additional dose of vaccine to increase protection against the virus.

Holetschek said: “I would like to thank the Bavarian hospitals for their strong commitment. The hospitals are a cornerstone in the fight against the pandemic. It is all the more important that we offer our employees the greatest possible protection against infection. It was therefore a matter of personal concern to me that we can offer the workforce a vaccination as quickly as possible. “

The minister announced: “Since a large part of the staff has now been vaccinated, we will be able to offer vaccinations to patients in the clinics as soon as possible. It is important that the second vaccination is also guaranteed. ”The details of the Ministry of Health and the BKG are currently being agreed.

Bavarian State Ministry for Health and Care / MH

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