Hockey: the knights beat Charabones de San Francisco

The male teams of the Alma Juniors Club received this Sunday their peers from Charabones de San Francisco within the framework of the fourth date of the Official Tournament organized by the West Santa Fe Hockey Federation.

In the first division, the hopeful won the match 5-0 with three goals from Milton Fabrachi and the remaining ones from Pablo Quagliaro and Diego Becchio.

Also in reserve Alma Juniors won 2 to 1 with goals from Saulo Chajud and Diego Becchio.

Representatives of Alma Juniors in the selected

On the other hand, the preselection of Knights of the West Santa Fe Hockey Federation will begin to train and there are several representatives of Alma Juniors who were summoned.

They are the coach Adrián Kieffer, who will be in charge of the team, the player Alexandro Mare, the physical trainer Agustina Blazicevic and the kinesiologist Josefina Romano.

Alejandro Mare from Alma Juniors in the hockey team


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