Hoax About the Covid-19 Vaccine: From Changing DNA to Causing Infertility

TABLOIDBINTANG.COM – There are many rumors or myths or false information circulating regarding vaxis Covid-19. Some of these hoaxes can make you anxious. But do not immediately believe the information that is not clear source and truth. In order not to get caught up in gossip and hoaxes, here are some hoaxes about the Covid-19 vaccine, quoted from the official Covid19.go.id page.

1. Can Cause Infertility

There are rumors mentioning vaxis Covid-19 injected will pose a risk of infertility or disorders in the form of infertility for women. Vaccine expert and specialist in pneumococcal epidemiology, Dr. Katherine O’Brien said that the vaccine given did not cause infertility. “There is no vaccine that causes infertility,” Kate said in an Episode 24 interview about Vaccine myths vs science bersama World Health Organization (WHO).

2. Changing DNA

There is also a hoax that says the Covid-19 vaccine can change DNA. DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid), which is the genetic material that determines the nature and physical characteristics of a person, is said to change after the Covid-19 vaccine. Responding to this rumor, Kate, who is also an epidemiologist and infectious disease doctor, said it was impossible for a vaccine to change a person’s DNA. “We have two vaccines now that are called mRNA vaccines, and there’s no way the mRNA could turn into the DNA of our human cells,” Kate said.

3. Contains Hazardous chemicals

Another myth that is quite disturbing is Covid-19 vaccine contain hazardous chemicals. Kate insists, this is a big myth. Vaccines have been confirmed to be safe. All components of the vaccine are tested to ensure, including dosage, that they are safe for humans. Each vaccine goes through a safety evaluation to ensure it is safe before being used in the community.

Those are some of the myths about the Covid-19 vaccine. Currently the government is intensively vaccinating so as to immediately create community immunity. Vaccination is believed to be one way to beat the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Editor Suyanto Soemohardjo


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