his windshield wiper is gigantic. Video

his windshield wiper is gigantic.  Video

A new video made with a drone shows the Tesla Cybertruck performing an off-road driving session improvised at the Gigafactory Texas construction site, it offers a glimpse into the capabilities of suspension in rough terrain. The details that emerge also concern a completely redesigned windshield wiper.

The wiper appears to have been made even longer compared to previous versions tested, as its tip reaches the base of the passenger side A-pillar. This suggests that Tesla has made further improvements to the device to ensure better coverage of the large windshield. A photo shared by Tesla earlier this year showed a prototype Cybertruck covered in mud during an off-road test, indicating that windshield cleaning may not have worked perfectly at the time.

After the leaked details on the interior of the Tesla Cybertruck, this off-road test doesn’t seem particularly difficult to deal with. Cybertruck seems to be at ease on these surfaces, with the suspension that seems to absorb the irregularities of the terrain well.

The video also offers a size perspective when the Cybertruck passes another pickup truck, possibly an earlier generation Ford F-150. While the dimensions are similar, the Cybertruck is distinguished by its lower body height. Additionally, the video demonstrates the Cybertruck’s tight turning ability, highlighting its maneuverability even in confined spaces.

Recall that Tesla Cybertruck will be available in a single gray paint job and that if buyers want to change those on their vehicle they will have to resort to specific wrappature. Tesla has used this detail to its advantage by disguising its SUV to look like other vehicles to make fun of the competition, such as the recent case of a Cybertruck spotted with the features of a Toyota Tundra.

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