His training and diet secret is well known

Lionel Messi is currently one of the best players in the world and one of the greatest in history. Last summer, the Argentinian striker changed clubs for the first time in his career and now plays for PSG.

Despite being 35 years old, Messi is still in great shape and still capable of playing at the highest level in the sport. Pinata Magazine spotlighted Lionel’s fitness regimen and diet plans that keep him fit.

Messi mainly focuses on drills that help him maintain agility and pace. The 35-year-old forward has four basic exercises to keep moving. These include lunges, hamstring stretches, jumping rope, squats, and hurdle jumping to strengthen leg muscles.

Most importantly, Lionel drinks plenty of water at the end of each workout to keep his body hydrated. As a cool-down exercise, Messi simply jogs for 5-10 minutes to finish his workout.

In addition to regular training, the Argentine needs the right diet. According to the above source, Italian nutritionist Giuliano Poser has played a crucial role in Messi’s fitness since their collaboration in 2014.

According to Poser, Messi’s diet is based on olive oil, fresh fruit, vegetables, water and whole grains. The nutritionist also advised him to avoid sugar:

“Sugar is the worst thing for the muscles. The further you stay away from sugar the better. Refined flour is also a big problem as good wheat is hard to find these days”.

The amount of meat normally eaten by Argentines and Uruguayans is too large as it is difficult to digest. My methods are undeniable, everyone can see Leo every week.”

Lionel Messi’s favorite recipe – fried chicken with vegetables – was posted by Barcelona’s official Twitter a few years ago.


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