Here Tamy Glauser sings a love song!

The model Tamy Glauser shows his singing skills on Instagram. Tamy hits (almost) every note.

Tamy Glauser sings. – Instagram / @tamynation

the essentials in brief

  • Does Tamy Glauser want to get started as a pop star?
  • The model performs a love song by singer Adele.

Model, Reiki master and now also a pop star?

The Bernese model Tamy Glauser (36) makes his singing debut on Instagram. In the video, Tamy trills the bittersweet love song “Make You Feel My Love” by the British singer Adele (33).

Lo and behold: Tamy doesn’t do badly at all – the model hits almost every note and also finds the right emotions. The fans are thrilled. “So good,” cheers an Instagram user. Another thinks: “Great!”

Nevertheless, Tamy is probably not aiming for a career on the music stage. Glauser makes it clear about the video: “I’m just fooling around a little.”

Are you good at singing?

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