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Manchester United striker Cristiano Ronaldo came up with a succinct comment about the “Golden Ball”, which went to Lionel Messi.

The Portuguese’s fan account published a post about Ronaldo’s achievements this year, about Cristiano’s undeservedly low 6th place in the rankings, and that Messi’s “Golden Ball” is “robbery and shame”.

Beneath it, Ronaldo wrote succinctly: “Fact.”

Here is the post in the fan account:

“Cristiano Ronaldo this year: Italian Cup, Italian Super Cup, European Championship goal scorer, Serie A goal scorer, Juventus goal scorer for the 2020/21 season, Manchester United goal scorer for 2021/22. He also became the top scorer in the history of football in the number of goals in official matches.

43 goals in one year, 6 goals in 5 matches of the Champions League – all decisive. And this man, regardless of age, continues to work miracles and amaze the world. However, they put him in 6th place … Do you really think that five players have done more than him this year ?!

He could easily fight for this award, and a battle with Lewandowski would be good. Individually, Robert was amazing and Bayern had a better season than Juventus, but at the national team level, Ronaldo was better.

Who received the award? Messi, who has won only the Spanish Cup with Barcelona, ​​has not scored goals against Real Madrid since Cristiano left, disappearing in the main matches of the season.

Yes, he won the America’s Cup, but did not score in the final or semifinal. And his season at PSG can’t be called great.

In order for Cristiano to win this award, he must be at least 300 percent above the rest. With Messi, it’s just the opposite. He can have a modest season and they will always find a way to give him the prize.

Robbery. Dirt. Shame. Anyone who is smart enough understands who really deserves the Golden Ball. Receiving undeserved prizes is a false happiness. Ronaldo will always be the best in history! “

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