Here comes the big mobility revolution for little legs: 150,000 participants worldwide at 500 demonstrations for child-friendly streets. This has never happened before (PHOTO)

Berlin/Berne/Hamburg/Cologne/London/Verden (ots) It was phenomenal! The Kidical Mass action alliance celebrates a new participant record!

According to the first projections (as of Sunday 3:30 p.m.), the Kidical Mass action alliance brought on 5./6./7. May 2023 150,000 people in over 500 locations on their bikes.

From metropolitan to rural areas, Kidical Mass calls for: Roads are for everyone! On three days of action, children, parents, friends and schools campaigned for child and bicycle-friendly places, safe routes to school and independent mobility. There will be numerous other activities in the coming weeks.

Numbers, data, facts

Worldwide: more than 500 campaigns and

150,000 participants from 0 to 99 years

Quotations / mood picture on site

We children want safe paths. When we go to school or kindergarten or drive, we want to feel safe. We want cars to go slower. For example Tempo 30!” (Flora, 9 years / Cologne)

“From the provinces to the metropolis: The enormous participation in the Kidical Mass action days is a clear message to the political decision-makers: Citizens want the big turnaround in mobility for the little legs – also in Germany! We hereby call on the politicians to to turn the traffic system upside down so that children can move around safely and protected in everyday life.”(Simone Kraus, Kidical Mass initiator team)

Call for action to politicians

On behalf of all participants, the action alliance hereby asks again:

  • When is the one adopted in the coalition agreement coming? reform of road traffic law, which focuses on the need for protection of children and vulnerable groups?
  • When will children be able to move around safely, independently and protected in public spaces again? Cities like Paris, Ghent and Utrecht are leading the way and are now quickly and efficiently transforming the transport system. When will Germany catch up?


The action alliance has the backing of the transport ministers of the federal states. In response to the successful Kidical Mass Petition (2022), in a joint decision by Federal Transport Minister Volker Wissing, they called for the reform of the Road Traffic Act (StVG) and Road Traffic Regulations (StVO) agreed in the coalition agreement of the traffic light government.

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About the Kidical Mass Action Alliance: The Kidical Mass is a worldwide movement. It has also been available in Germany since 2017. Cyclists from 0 to 99 years conquer the streets at colorful bicycle demonstrations. The Kidical Mass is committed to child and bicycle-friendly cities and communities. At the heart of the action alliance are more than 500 local organizations and initiatives. A unique network – decentralized, self-organized and strong together.

It is supported by eleven national partner organizations: ADFC, Campact, Changing Cities, Clean Cities Campaign, German Children’s Fund, Greenpeace, Parents For Future, Pro Velo Switzerland, VCD and Zukunft Fahrrad.


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Kidical Mass Action Alliance

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Quotations from the partner organizations of the Kidical Mass Action Alliance:

ADFC Federal President Rebecca Peters says: “Whether in big cities or in the countryside: surveys such as the ADFC bicycle climate test show that more and more people are cycling every day. But: the cycling conditions in German cities and municipalities are often still unsatisfactory. So that all people, children, young people and seniors can also cycle safely and independently, we need modern road traffic law and consistent cycle path networks. We therefore call on Minister of Transport Wissing to modernize the Road Traffic Act and to put road safety, climate protection and quality of life at the top of the agenda – so that cycling every day feels like being on a Kidical Mass.”

Annika Liebert, Campact: “We must also consider the needs of the smallest road users if we are serious about a traffic turnaround. Transport Minister Volker Wissing’s blinkered eye on motorways will not get us anywhere – on the contrary, we are treading water. With thousands of children and adults cycling all over the world In Germany, we show Wissing at the Kidical Mass what a real turnaround in traffic looks like.”

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Ragnhild Sørensen, Changing Cities: “Every day children are injured in road traffic. Not because they are careless, but because their safety is not prioritized. Instead, the Road Traffic Act and the Road Traffic Regulations are about the fluidity and ease of car traffic. With the Kidical Masses we show how fluid and lightness of children’s mobility can look like: Safe, together and with joy. The positive side effect: Safe paths for children are safe paths for everyone.”

Barbara Stoll, Director, Clean Cities Campaign: “Each year around 1,200 children die in Europe as a result of toxic air pollution. In addition, more than 500 of them die in traffic accidents every year. These are frightening numbers that should encourage those responsible in cities and governments to better protect children. School roads create a healthier and safer school environment and encourage parents to consider healthier and cleaner alternatives such as walking, cycling and public transport rather than parent-taxi cars Our governments must take immediate action to make roads across Europe child-friendly to accomplish.”

The federal manager of the German children’s charity, Holger Hofmannemphasizes: “What is finally needed is a holistic development of cities and communities in which children and young people also feel comfortable. That is why we should start giving the younger generation continuous, comprehensive and early co-determination in the area of ​​urban and transport planning We need a change in traffic policy to ensure more safety for children on the road. Children who move independently in traffic and, for example, cycle to school, actively perceive their surroundings and to take care of themselves. This strengthens their self-confidence – also for other life situations. That’s why we call for a transport policy geared to the needs of children and young people and a real mobility change.”

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Kerstin Haarmann, VCD national chairman: “Speeding cars and poor infrastructure are the reasons why parents prefer to chauffeur their children around in the car instead of getting on their bikes with them – and that means something is going very wrong in transport policy. With the Kidical Mass we bring Children on the move and call on politicians to create safe framework conditions and make our streets fit for the future.”

Markus Burbach, Parents for Future Germany (Presse-Team): “The turnaround in mobility towards a transport system that emits as little CO2 as possible is an essential part of a climate protection policy that aims to stop global warming at 1.5 degrees. A key cornerstone here is the expansion of the bicycle infrastructure and fearless movement on our streets for everyone People. Children in particular, who are new to driving, need safe routes. The same applies to the transport sector: climate policy must be generation-fair.”

Elena Laidler-Zettelmeyer, Future Bicycle: “The basis of our mobility behavior is laid in childhood. If children can move safely and freely on a bicycle on the street, they will also appreciate the numerous advantages of the bicycle in everyday life as adults. The Kidical Mass gives children the opportunity to To experience freedom and autonomy on the bike.Because in reality these are limited by a lack of infrastructure and excessive car traffic.The demonstration sends a clear signal to those responsible in politics: They are asked to create enough space for children to cycle safely in everyday life. “

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Kidical Mass Action Alliance
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