Here are the foods to soothe abdominal inflammation and avoid pancreatic cancer

Obesity, low physical activity, low consumption of fruit and vegetables are the factors that most easily trigger the onset of various abdominal tumors. Among these is the extremely dangerous pancreatic one that affects nearly 14,000 people in Italy every year. Let’s see what is the lifestyle to follow and what are the foods to be preferred to implement meaningful prevention. Especially if there are any previous family histories regarding the pancreas.

Smoking men are among the most affected

Family predisposition accounts for 10% of those who suffer from pancreatic problems. It can be read in the guidelines dedicated to pancreatic cancer drawn up by the AIOM Federation which associates Italian medical oncologists. Unfortunately, this neoplasm boasts a sad record: only 8.1% of patients survive beyond 5 years of life and only 3% beyond 10 years. This is a malignancy with significant growth among men, especially among smokers.

A vulnerable gland that shrinks over time

Also our pets as dogs and cats are victims of pancreatic cancer. And also for them the almost vegetarian diet, with the use of fish instead of meat, is a good weapon of prevention. When we experience burning on the left side of our abdomen, accompanied by discomfort and loss of appetite, we must think not to stress our pancreas. This gland, which weighs no more than 100 grams and is no more than 15 centimeters long, shrinks in volume over the years. But here are the foods to soothe abdominal inflammation and avoid pancreatic cancer. They are mainly foods of plant origin.

The pancreatic-friendly vegetable

All fruit and vegetables are certainly useful for the proper functioning of our body. But some are particularly suitable for the proper functioning of the pancreas, because they contain particular substances. Among the vegetables that we find all year round, we have celery which contains apigenin. It is a substance contained in appreciable quantities in celery: it kills cancer cells of the pancreas because it inhibits a particular enzyme in the onset of neoplasms of this organ.

Here are the foods to soothe abdominal inflammation and avoid pancreatic cancer

Artichokes are also useful, due to the high content of apigenin and lutein, which make a clean sweep of free radicals. Let’s accompany them with tofu or legumes which are an ideal source of protein. Meat, eggs, milk and derivatives, in fact, complicate the work of the pancreas: they force it to produce more enzymes necessary for digestion and worsen the ailments.

(We remind you to carefully read the warnings regarding this article, which can be consulted WHO”)
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