her spectacular tan and a neutral style that does not fail

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The Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid (MBFWM) has brought together the best-known faces of our country this week, who have wanted to know first-hand the proposals of the most acclaimed national designers. In that group of guests stands out Begoña Gomez (46 years old), who this Friday, September 17 attended the Pertegaz parade.

For the occasion, the woman from Pedro Sanchez (49), who is a follower of fashion and has become an infallible in this event held in the capital, chose a black jumpsuit -his fetish color in this type of event- with a crossed V-neckline and a fitted waist. The first lady of Spain -the concept of first lady, in reality, does not exist in this country and if it did exist it would be attributed to the queen Letizia (49) – combined this outfit nails on matching sandals, high-heeled and with two crossed straps on the instep. As complements he opted for a simple handbag and a white clock.

Being true to his style, as usual, Begoña Gómez chose a simple makeup, marked by the eyeliner black at the top of the eye. The rest of the details were not visible, because Pedro Sánchez’s wife wore the rigorous mask. As for the hairstyle, he did not risk either and wore the straight hair, natural and with straight bangs Which, precisely, he showed for the first time a year ago at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid.

Begoña Gómez wore a black jumpsuit and matching sandals.


On this occasion, what has most attracted the attention of Begoña Gómez has been her spectacular tan. The wife of the Prime Minister maintains a golden color that highlights her hair with touches of light blonde. It also happened with her husband on September 1, when the new political course began. Then, the president presented to part of his cabinet, businessmen and unions his plans to achieve a “fair economic recovery”, which allows “to reach the pockets of all citizens.” Despite the fact that the appearance was purely political, the PSOE leader drew special attention for his impressive skin tone.

Although as usual on that occasion Pedro Sánchez wore a suit, his face, neck and ears revealed that he was darker than ever. His tan became evident several days after he returned to work after enjoying a few family holidays in Lanzarote.

The infallible style of Begoña

The wife of the socialist leader does not usually risk with his looks and, in his few public appearances, follow the same stylistic line, in which neutral colors and heels prevail. These two characteristics were maintained this Friday in his appearance at the MBFWM. Begoña Gómez also has a particular predilection for midi cuts and bags. However, this time she chose a long, basic jumpsuit.

As usual, Begoña Gómez wore simple makeup and her natural hair.

As usual, Begoña Gómez wore simple makeup and her natural hair.


Beyond their looks, what is also a constant in Sánchez’s wife is her makeup and her hair. She likes simple styles and despite some tweaking in tone and bangs, her hair has always been similar. This last encounter with Spanish fashion has not been the exception.

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