Her husband is the same age as Yoon Seok-yeol, so she participated in the previous captain?… Lee Su-jeong “I was outraged by the comments”

Lee Su-jeong, Chairman of the People’s Power Co-election

Professor Lee Su-jeong of Kyonggi University, who was appointed as the co-election chairperson of the People’s Power, said, “I was outraged” when he saw a comment saying, ‘My spouse is Yoon Seok-yeol’s college classmate, so he joined the election.’ he is “If I were a man, whose classmate my wife was, wouldn’t it have been such an important issue?”and pinched.

In an interview with YTN Radio’s ‘New Morning of Hwang Bo-seon’, Chairman Lee said, “It is true that your spouse and Candidate Yoon are college classmates, but they are not close. That’s why we have been doing different jobs for a long time.”

He strongly criticized comments like this, saying, “My spouse has 200 college mates.”

Chairman Lee said, “Both my spouse and son are lawyers.” However, he said, “My son has been in the military for three years and has been a military prosecutor.” He said, “Yesterday, my son called and complained, ‘I never pretended to be a prosecutor, but where does such news come from. Has your mother ever said such a thing?'” He said.

“I know the feeling of deprivation of young men… I think it is necessary even before the military increment system”

Lee Jun-seok, representative of the People’s Power, who visited Busan after refusing to do his duty, visits the Busan district office (Sasang-gu, Busan) on the 1st to encourage him and examines materials. Power of the People Provided by Party Representative Office News

Chairman Lee continued to emphasize the fact that he was aware of the deprivation of young men.did. On a radio broadcast the day before, he said, ‘I have a son in his 30’s,’ and said he would try to talk with CEO Lee Jun-seok, who was against his appointment, but he said, “I also heard the voices of kkondae.” However, he quickly retorted, saying, “I do not know the young man’s position.”

For example, he said, “I went to the same law school (law school), but the female judge was a captain, and my son only had a lieutenant.” He said that he felt the position of young men at that time. He also said, “Due to the novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19), my son did nothing in the military for three years, and he desperately realized that there was no way to be compensated.

but “I’m a criminologist, and 80% of victims of violent crime happen to be female.”“So I think my various claims were misunderstood,” he explained. He added that he was not in a position to propose a policy that took into account the deprivation of men.

Chairman Lee intends to propose a revival of the military surplus point system if Candidate Yoon is elected.said “As a judge of the Military Death Accident Committee, I saw too many young people taking risks in the military and fulfilling their civic duty,” he said.

Meanwhile, during an interview with Chairman Lee, critics were raised about his son’s military rank issue as ‘a remark that confuses long-term and short-term judges’. If Chairman Lee chooses a long-term judicial officer (professional soldier) like the woman in the example, he begins his military life as a captain regardless of gender. In cases such as Chairman Lee’s son serving as a short-term judicial officer following military service, he is commissioned as a lieutenant.

Yoon Joo-young reporter


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