held in check, the LOSC is in great pain

Change for LOSC

Yazici gives way to David for the last quarter of an hour.

The stop of Nardi!

At the near post on a corner, Botman places a header but it is saved from a magnificent reflex! What a stop!

Laurienté misses the frame

On a cross coming from the right of Mendes, Laurienté, all alone, placed a header with a rebound but it was out of target!

Ikoné’s strike!

On a change of wing of André, Ikoné goes to provoke in the axis and strikes, the ball is captured by Nardi!

Botman misses the target

It is out of the frame for Botman, who takes a header from Fonte, receiving a corner.

Little Dangerous Mastiffs

At the hour mark, Lille only scored one shot (Yilmaz’s goal).

Laporte gets treatment

The defender remained on the ground following a sole on Gomes, Laporte got up with difficulty.

First change for LOSC

Angel Gomes gives way to rookie Gudmundsson!

Mastiffs in slow motion

Yilmaz asks his teammates to play faster. It is true that the game of Lille lacks speed.

Lorient remains solid

Xeka and Benjamin André distill ball after ball in the middle of the field. But Lille do not enter the last thirty meters of Lorient for the moment.

Lorient quickly loses the ball

Like Lemoine who loses the ball, Lille are now recovering the ball very high.

The takeover of Monconduit

On a center back in the area of ​​Laurienté, Monconduit regains his right foot but it is countered by Botman.

Possession for LOSC

The Mastiffs deprive the Lorientais of the ball. We play a lot on the left side with Reinildo.

Corners for LOSC

The Mastiffs have two consecutive corners but it is each time cleared by the Breton defense

Start of the second period!

It left between Lorient and Lille!

It’s the break !

Parity score between Lorient and Lille (1-1), Yilmaz responded to Laurienté. The LOSC is doing very very well as the locals have largely dominated!

Be careful, there may be a hand in the surface!

On a strike from Moffi, the ball seems to bounce off Fonte’s hand, Mr. Turpin says nothing, the game continues!

The resumption of Gomes!

On a shift in the area of ​​Ikoné, Gomes regains his right foot but it is far above!

3 more minutes

Three minutes of added time while Gomes made another fault, it’s limited, watch out for the second yellow for the Portuguese.

Yellow card for Gomes

The Lille is very late on a tackle on Abergel in the middle of the field.

Grbic vigilant

Moffi is launched against but Ivo Grbic comes out to meet him, beyond his penalty area, and clears his foot.

Laurienté still dangerous

On a long ball, Laurienté manages to regain the tip of his foot in the back of the defense, but his shot goes wide.

Ikone not lucky

On a ball badly returned to the axis, Ikoné recovers and infiltrates the area, his dribble is deflected then returns to his chest but the ball is too powerful, is recovered by Nardi.

Lille is trying to build

Le Losc kept the ball without really approaching Lorient’s goal. André sends a long balloon directly towards Nardi.

Cardboard for Abergel

The Breton is clearly behind on a big tackle in the middle on Angel Gomes, a logical yellow card. The first of the game.

Ikoné transparent

Tenured tonight in place of David, Ikoné struggles to stand out. the number 10 of the Mastiffs is clearly lacking in confidence.

Abergel’s strike

At the entrance to the surface, Abergel tries his luck but it is not powerful enough to deceive Grbic who quietly captures the ball.

Lille is doing well

It’s a well-paid equalizer for Lille, who are not really having a good period at the moment.

Grbic’s judgment!

On an overflow from Laurienté to the side, the striker centers at the far post for Igor Silva, all alone, the latter achieves a superb volley which forces Grbic to make a good save!


Yilmaz transforms the penalty!


Yilmaz makes a hook in the area against Laporte, the defender is fouled, the Turk collapses! PENALTY!

LOSC not dangerous

No shooting for visitors after 20 minutes of play.

Lille can’t do it

Lorient is dangerous in each of its situations … The defense of Lille is really not there in this first quarter of an hour.

Free kick for Lille

It is pulled by Yazici but directly released by the Breton defense.

Sterile possession for LOSC

Lille takes possession but concedes a lot of space behind.

Lille in difficulty

The Merlus once again set off against via Laurienté and Moffi. The striker travels twenty meters before looking for his teammate but the two Lorient collide and Lille ends up recovering the ball.

Lauriente close to double!

Following a good combination with Monconduit, Lauriente hits low in the box, Grbic folds perfectly!

Angry Gourvennec

The coach does not digest the conceded goal and does not understand the attitude of his defense!



Moffi accelerates full axis between three Lille in the area, he resists and shifts magnificently Laurienté alone at the far post, the latter chains a control and a strike that leaves no chance to Grbic!

No fault in the area for Yilmaz!

On a ball on the side, Yilmaz passes in front of Mendes, Lemoine intervenes, the Turk falls to the ground in the box. M. Turpin said nothing! The game continues!

The first situation for Lorient!

Moffi finds Laurienté’s head on a cross, it’s directly in Grbic’s gloves!

Let’s go !

Kick-off of this Lorient-Lille!

Lille wants to go on tonight

The reigning French champion had finished well before the break with a victory against Montpellier (2-1) and could for the first time this season, chain a second consecutive success.

The eleven of Lorient with a defense of five

Nardi – Igor Silva, Jenz, Laporte, Mendes, Le Goff – Abergel, Lemoine, Monconduit – Moffi, Laurienté.

Lorient wants to continue its momentum

Seventh in Ligue 1 (5 points), FC Lorient made a good start to the season after hanging on Saint-Étienne and Lens and winning against Monaco. Only the defeat in Montpellier taints the encouraging picture of the Merlus.

Goodnight all

Welcome to the RMC Sport website to follow the match of the 5th day of Ligue 1 live between Lorient and Lille. The Mastiffs (10th) are aiming for a first away success this season. The meeting kicks off at 9 p.m.

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