Heartbreaking The Walking Dead Video: Does SPOILER Die In The New Episode?


A preview video for the new “The Walking Dead” episode raises the worst fears: Will SPOILER actually die? Netzwelt shows you the clip.

The Walking Dead: Daryl

The Walking Dead: Daryl (Quelle: Eli Ade/AMC)

  • A sneak peek for the 4th episode from TWD season 11 suggests a gruesome death.
  • Dog, Daryl’s loyal companion, seems to have fallen victim to a Reaper.
  • You can see the heartbreaking clip below in the article.

The reapers in the current issue of “The Walking Dead” are really nasty villains, who in episode 3 of season 11 have already fallen victim to some characters from the group of survivors. The upcoming 4th episode of the final TWD season will now show how fan favorite Daryl (Norman Reedus) fared in the fight against the Reapers.

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A new 1-minute preview video from the US channel AMC now shows exactly these scenes, and suggests a death that many viewers and fans of the zombie series would probably find difficult to cope with: Does Daryl’s loyal companion Dog die in the new episode? Watch the clip here, the end of which is filled with Dog’s heartbreaking screams of pain:

“No no!”, calls Daryl in the last moments from the video above, and immediately afterwards he will have to fight for his own survival. So far, the Reapers have been extremely mysterious on “The Walking Dead”, but TWD showrunner Angela Kang revealed TVLine already that the members of the group have had military training, which of course makes them particularly dangerous and deadly adversaries.

The fourth episode of the 11th “The Walking Dead” season, which will be released in Germany on September 13, 2021 at 9 a.m. on Disney +, will show whether Dog really blesses the time.

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