Healthy Lifestyle From a Young Age Helps Avoid the Risk of Osteoporosis


JAKARTA Healthy lifestyles from a young age has many benefits for health overall. One of them is avoiding risk osteoporosis .By having healthy bones, you can avoid the risk of osteoporosis in old age.

Orthopedic and Traumatology Specialist from the University of Indonesia, dr. Omar Lutfi, Sp.OT said that in order for strong bones to be maintained at a young age with adequate nutrition, calcium, vitamin D.

“Then it is maintained by frequent exercise and avoiding other factors that can cause osteoporosis. For example, smoking, drinking alcohol, these are bad habits and can make bones porous,” said Dr.

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From a young age to their 30s, everyone is advised to save bones. Because, with a good activity, eat well, bone density will be high.

The doctor who is a member of the Indonesian Association of Orthopedic & Traumatology Specialists (PABOI) explained that peak bone density occurs when a person is 20-30 years old and will decrease after 35 years of age.

“After the age of 35 years, bone density usually begins to decrease. But when you are young, the density is good, in general, when you are old, you still have a lot of savings,” explained Dr. Omar.

Meanwhile, smoking and drinking alcohol not only affect bone density but can also increase the risk of pinched nerves.

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“Smoking significantly affects bone density, then pinched nerves due to damaged bone cushions are also factors from smoking, one of them,” concluded Dr. Omar.




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