Healthier diets develop higher amounts of gas

According to a study published in the journal ‘Nutrients’, the people with subsistence allowance plus healthy tend to have more expulsions of gases.

This is because the most nutritious foods of these subsistence allowance they have more healthy bacteria which settle in the intestines.

Healthy diets create more gas

According to the study, the subsistence allowance rich in: fruits, vegetables, cereals and legumes produce about 50 percent more than gases, among other effects.

And it is that subsistence allowance enriched with fiber and plants, such as the Mediterranean, generates bacteria in the intestines that ferment, such as: ‘Anaerostipes hadrus’ and ‘Agathobaculum butyriciproducens’.

This fermentation allows the intestine to produce the nutrients it needs to feed itself; however, in its process it creates greater:

  • Number of anal gas evacuations
  • Feeling of flatulence and rumbling
  • Volume of gas after meal
  • Colonic content

Therefore, the researchers determined that the gases and heavy stools are an indicator of healthy gut bacteria and good digestive function.

Diet (Pixabay)

How was the study of healthy diets conducted?

To find out how food affected digestive function, several tests were carried out comparing a diet western guy and a diet mediterranean enriched with fiber.

In this test, 20 men between 18 and 38 years old participated, who were administered the same diet for 2 weeks; and during that time a record was taken of:

  • Anal gas evacuations
  • Digestive sensations
  • Volume of gas evacuated after a tube meal
  • Colonic content
  • Taxonomy of the gut microbiota
  • Metabolic functions

And the results indicated that the diet mediterranean develops, according to the “profiles of urinary metabolites and the abundance of microbial metabolic pathways” a better metabolism.

What’s more, both subsistence allowance they were well accepted by the body and associated with a positive state of mind.


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