Healthcare recruitment: too bold a plan?

Christian Dubé’s seduction operation aims to recruit 4,000 caregivers, a plan that seems daring after two weeks.

The figures show 56 retirees, 321 hires, and 720 part-time workers who have moved to full-time.

VAT News

“What you have to understand is that the 720s are not new people. These are people who will be increasing their full-time working hours. There are certainly some in there who were already doing overtime, ”said Régine Laurent.

“The advantage that it has, however, is that it will stabilize the teams. Instead of going back to work at 4 in the afternoon, then not knowing if you are going to be replaced at midnight, stabilizing the teams is something important for all caregivers ”, he said. -she specified.

“He also told us that there are 1900 in negotiation. I translate, “There are 1900 who want to listen who have not hung up the phone yet,” she added.

Find the entire chronicle of Régine Laurent in the video above.



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