Health, pensions, school … The four key dates for the social return to Toulon

“The announced end of aid to companies after the health crisis will have a concrete consequence: thousands of layoffs in France”. Olivier Masini, general secretary of the Departmental Union CGT du Var, brought together the representatives of the union to launch the upcoming meetings on the social front.

September 14 for health

The defense of the health sector will be the watchword of an event that will take place in Toulon. “Because, despite this terrible health crisis, the number of beds available today is equivalent to what it was before the Covid. And bed closures will continue”, fears Olivier Masini.

This gathering also intends to defend “urgent job creation to meet needs in hospitals, nursing homes and throughout the public service”.

September 23 for school

Another demonstration is scheduled to announce to the State “an offensive social return”.

“The government must be wary because the tension has never been so strong. We demand an immediate increase in wages. Regarding public services, they need the means to achieve their ambitions. However, on January 1, the increase in The minimum wage was only 0.90%: not even 1%! And, at the same time, billions of euros in dividends were distributed to the shareholders of the largest companies. So, stop! “, believes the CGT.

October 1 for pensions and purchasing power

Purchasing power and pensions will be at the center of the demands next month. “We call on all retirees to join us in defending the employment of employees and the pensions of former employees and civil servants”, adds the union.

He recalls his hostility to the health pass: “Not to the vaccine! The health pass imposed is liberticide. This is why CGT demonstrators join the processions on Saturday”.

October 5 for everything!

Professional equality, employment, social protection and working conditions: the unitary demonstration of October 5 is national and will take place in the Var, in Toulon and in Draguignan.

All the unions are associated with it. “We also want to defend industry there in order to relocate strategic activities on our territory and relaunch innovation. We also want to condition public aid to companies on social and environmental criteria. Industry represents only 8% of the total. economy in the Var. We must support it! ”

Finally, the issue of teleworking, “a real open-air laboratory for the future of employment”, will be discussed. The CGT is in favor of this on condition that the employees are not harmed.

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