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Health – Offenbach am Main:Pharmacists: Are prepared for masks upon request

The logo on a pharmacy. Photo: Uli Deck / dpa / archive image (Photo: dpa)

Directly from the dpa news channel

Offenbach (dpa / lhe) – In view of the tightening of the Corona rules, Hesse’s pharmacists expect increasing demand for higher quality masks. “I assume that more people stock up on masks,” said a spokeswoman for the Hessian Pharmacists’ Association in Offenbach on Wednesday. In the future, surgical masks or mouth-nose covers with the KN95 / N95 or FFP2 standards will probably also have to be worn in church services, shops, buses and trains. This was agreed on Tuesday by the state leaders and the federal government.

The pharmacies have such masks in stock. “They are well stocked because they are given free of charge to high-risk patients,” said the association spokeswoman. In the event of bottlenecks, replenishment can be obtained within a few days and the suppliers are reliable. The pharmacists’ association recommends looking for a reputable source of supply when buying. A very low price is a warning sign. “If an FFP2 mask costs only 1.20 euros, it is better to think about whether you are going to get this bargain or use another one.”



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