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Health Council points out nutritional advice for pregnant women

by drbyos

On Tuesday 22 June, the Health Council presented two recommendations to the ministers of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport. These are ‘Nutrition recommendations for pregnant women’ and ‘Nutrition standards for vitamins and minerals for pregnant women’.

The committee that worked on the nutritional recommendations started by mapping out which health outcomes of pregnancy really matter for mother and child. Subsequently, it was investigated which nutritional components have an influence on this. The committee included nutritionists and health care providers who work with pregnant women on a daily basis.

Adequate intake of calcium can prevent premature birth, high blood pressure and preeclampsia in the pregnant woman and is important for the bones of the child. It is important for pregnant women that they consume 1 gram of calcium per day from the twentieth week of pregnancy. Preferably through a healthy diet, and if that is not possible by taking a supplement.

Fish and fish fatty acids have a beneficial effect on the prevention of preterm birth. The recommendation for pregnant women is: eat fish twice a week, once fatty and once lean. But fish can also contain toxic substances. The advice now contains a table of fish with the amounts that are good for both the pregnant woman and the child.

Eating raw fish or raw meat such as sushi or steak tartare is not recommended during pregnancy. As an alternative to fish, vegetarian women can take a fish fatty acid supplement based on algae. Another point of attention for this group is soy products. With moderate use this is no problem at all.

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From ‘Dietary Recommendations for Pregnant Women‘ on ‘Dietary references for vitamins and minerals for pregnant womencan be found on the website of the Health Council.

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