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PUBLISHED ON September 10, 2021at 14:14:50 by emi_cro

Better synergy between professionals, health systems and services is the key to equal access to care across the country. This is why the Region is involved with conviction to support the installation of medical professionals, anticipate training needs and support education and health promotion projects.

Fighting against medical deserts: the Region is going even further!

Wishing to strengthen its support for health professionals with a project to set up in rural areas, the Region will for the first time present assistance for the creation of practices and health centers. Voted on the occasion of the Standing Committee of September 10, a budget of over 406 000 euros will thus support seven creative projects:

  • medical practices in Sainte-Marie-du-Lac-Nuisement (51) and Orschwihr (68)
  • medical home in Beine-Nauroy (51)
  • physiotherapy center with balneotherapy in La Villeneuve-au-Chêne (10)
  • nursing homes in Chanteheux (54) and Villers-la-Montagne (54)
  • extension of premises and purchase of equipment for a multidisciplinary project in Hayange (57)

At the same time, the Region is renewing its health aid. Those intended for general medicine interns who carry out their internships in areas with medical stress and those for supporting the creation of multi-professional health centers (MSP). There are thus 100 interns in general medicine who will be able to count on assistance to carry out their internship, for a total amount of more than 157,000 euros. An envelope of 283 000 euros was also voted for the creation of two MSPs in Vézelize (54) as well as in Neufchef (57) and for the extension of those of Clermont-en-Argonne (55) and Pont-à-Mousson (54).

Healthy lifestyles and better health capital!

The Grand Est Region supports education, prevention and health promotion actions: promoting walking and cycling, promoting sports and outdoor activities, raising awareness of healthy eating, fighting obesity, etc. It supports to the tune of nearly 60,000 euros eleven projects that promote sport, health and well-being.

Address the shortage of nurses

In order to increase the number of nursing staff, the Region is allocating nearly 180,000 euros for the project to create a 2nd chance nursing training institute (IFSI). It will allow students, who had suspended their studies because of difficulties linked to the health crisis (financial, family, organizational), to complete their course, by adjusting their training. The Institute will be attached to the Regional University Hospital Center of Nancy.

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