health advice well-being in nutrition fitness pregnancy alternative medicine

health advice well-being in nutrition fitness pregnancy alternative medicine

Do you have questions about your health? Are you looking for advice on how to lose weight naturally, doing sports or not? You want to know all benefits of superfoods ? Are you looking for advice on sexualityl’privacy or even the pregnancy ? You can find all the tips and tricks on my debut site.

Foods that treat ailments

Everyone has already wondered how to do good for their body and how to eat better. Superfoods like acai which is a berry that grows mainly in South America. The acai berry is a superfood because it contains many nutritional properties. Manuka honey is also a superfood and stocking up on manuka honey during the winter is one of the best natural ways to keep your immune system in top shape. Turmeric is also a superfood and reduces inflammation. It can help reduce pain, support the immune system as well as support digestive health. Spirulina is a plant-based source of iron and contains a powerful dose of the antioxidant and provides benefits for your heart health. Coconut will also be a healthy ally for your body. Superfoods contain many benefits and if added to a balanced diet, their effects will be increased tenfold.

Different ways to lose weight

Have you tried a lot of diets, yet you can’t lose weight? Do you know the monodiet? This diet consists of eating one and the same food during a single meal or for a period of up to several days. This diet will aim to detoxify the intestine and more generally our whole body. The goal of the mono diet is to get rid of all the toxins accumulated in our body.

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There is also intermittent fasting, which is “half” fasting, unlike traditional fasting, which involves going whole days without eating. Intermittent fasting will work by alternating periods of food intake during the day. For example, it is possible to divide your day according to a 4:00 p.m.-8:00 a.m. report. You will fast for 4 p.m. and eat for 8 a.m. You can also divide your day into 5 p.m.-7 a.m., 6 p.m.-6 a.m….

Still in the diet, there is the keto diet. The goal being to greatly increase your lipid intake, it is a fat burning diet that will make you lose weight in the long term. There are now capsules, to take in addition to this diet if you want faster results, called Keto Bodytone. It is a slimming food supplement in capsule form. Thanks to its natural ingredients, it promotes long-term weight loss.

About pregnancy

Want to know if you’re pregnant because you’ve had unprotected sex and aren’t taking birth control? There are several solutions on how to know if you are pregnant. Your body will surely encounter symptoms that will let you know if you are pregnant even before you take a pregnancy test. If after several tests you discover that you are pregnant, you will have to announce it to your family.

The person to whom you want to announce the pregnancy first will probably be the father. To announce a pregnancy to your family, there are plenty of original ideas to help you set up this special moment. After the family, it will be time to announce it to your friends. It is possible to announce your pregnancy in a very general way using a text and a photo on social networks like Facebook. After announcing to all your loved ones that you are expecting a happy event, you will have to tell your boss.

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During your pregnancy you can use many accessories to relieve your pain. Indeed, during pregnancy, many hormonal changes increase the amount of blood in the woman’s body and weight gain generally occurs. These disturbances will create pressure in the veins and it is for this reason that pregnant women are often subject to blood circulation problems. In order to avoid venous thrombosis caused by these problems, it is recommended to wear compression stockings in order to prevent venous disorders, to compensate for venous insufficiency and to provide women with relief from their heavy legs.

You suffer from constipation

It is possible during your life to face some ailments and you do not know how to treat them such as being constipated. It affects 35% of the French population and can appear occasionally, severely or even chronically. Constipation most often occurs when the peristaltic movement of the intestines is slowed causing stool to remain in the colon for too long. Most of the time the constipation is caused by bad lifestyle habits like stress.

ingrown toenails

If the outline of your nail is red, swollen and in constant pain, it may mean that you have an ingrown toenail. An ingrown toenail is a inflammation that can become infected and caused by a nail that penetrates the skin of the toe. This problem occurs more generally on the big toe of the foot and on the hand, but it is rarely dangerous.

You suffer from back pain

Sleeping sickness is one of the ailments that affect the most French people. The pain can be transient, persistent, it can happen suddenly or over days. But there are many tips and advice to relieve your ailments.

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You are thinking of quitting smoking

You want stop smoking because being a smoker increases the likelihood of heart attacks, strokes, cancers and many other diseases. Quitting smoking will have considerable health benefits and your body will change completely, for the better. The tobacco reduces collagen production and causes premature aging of your skin. Your heart will also be affected by quitting smoking. All the dangers such as spasms of the arteries, the formation of clots, heart rhythm disorders will be reduced. And you do not worry it is possible to quit smoking without gaining weight, it is enough just not to compensate the cigarette with the food.


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