“He missed out on Zendaya, Adele and Kim K…He’s terrified of real chicks”

“He missed out on Zendaya, Adele and Kim K…He’s terrified of real chicks”

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It is not always easy to perform in the playoffs, especially in an atmosphere of madness. The Warriors have been drawing some criticism for several weeks, including a key roster item. After a sad Game 3, the mockery flared up and it’s not likely to get any better in the future…

In front of their audience and a lot of celebrities, the Lakers got the better of the Warriors this Saturday night. An important victory for the men of Darvin Ham, who took advantage of the opponent’s clumsiness (the fault of a good defense) to easily dominate this Game 3. And count on them to put it back in the next game, even if we are waiting for the reaction of the defending champions.

A key part of the Warriors still mocked

Steph Curry will be expected at the turn, but we can say that he will not be the only one. Jordan Poole screwed up again in this game, with just 5 points at 2/9 shooting. He even counts 11 units in total on the last two outings. A real problem for the young player who continues to disappoint. On Twitter, the mockery therefore fused against him.

“Jordan Poole missed Zendaya, Adele and Kim Kardashian. He’s terrified of real chicks. »

Yet known to shine in front of some celebrities, Poole has been in disarray for a few games. He did not shine in front of Zendaya in Game 2, whose the presence did not go unnoticedwhile Kim Kardashian and Adele were present this Saturday for Game 3. Again, Poole broke his golden rule…

It should be noted that the actor Michael B. Jordan was also present… but not enough to change the situation for Poole.

The Jordan Poole magic may be over, at least in front of celebrities. The fact is that the full-back is disappointing more and more, to the point that some supporters are demanding his trade, starting this summer. He will have to react quickly in this series against the Lakers…

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