he just wants to go to Real Madrid

On numerous occasions, Paul pogba has been linked to the Real Madrid. A signing that due to many circumstances has not been possible in the past. For instance, Zidane I loved him, but the white box has always had in mind that they would not do anything crazy for this player and the financial pretensions he has. Neither now.

Real Madrid see it difficult for Pogba to wear white

OK Diary informs of Pogba’s intention for next summer. The Frenchman wants to sign for Real Madrid. For this reason, he will not listen to any offer for any team and he will only do it with those of Madrid. The truth is that he has a salary of 17 million per season, something that the whites know they cannot match and are not willing to do so either. The French half ends his contract next summer and at the moment it does not seem that he is going to renew.


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