he had to stop for his partner to win

The Dakar 2022 It did not end with a Spanish victory in any of its categories, but it was not without merit. If in cars the options of Carlos Sainz they sank soon because of navigation and mechanics, or on motorcycles the same with those of Joan Barred for a bad strategy, in light vehicles T4, SSV or ‘side-by-side’, it was not for contractual reasons.

Gerard Farrés disputed this Dakar with the team Can-Am Factory South Racing with its status well defined from the beginning: it was going backpacker. In raid jargon, this role is similar to that of someone else’s assistant, second pilot, or squire. It is not unusual, in fact, that these types of roles are distributed in the middle of the race depending on how the stages go. Team orders are essential in such a strategic race.

  • Sara García and Javi Vega, on the Dakar podium

What is less common is that this Dakar happens in SSV. Farrés, very consistent during the 12 stages, did not get off the podium in the general classification at any time. What they did not expect from the team is that, with only one day left, he would assault the leadership. At stage 11, a problem of Austin Jones It made him lose a lot of time and Farrés took the first position with a margin of 1:41.

Here it came into value signed it in writing, and although ‘Farreti’ accepted it willingly, he did not comply until the last kilometers of the last special. The Spaniard was ahead of Jones in part time at all checkpoints until the last, when left 6 minutes. Enough time for the American to reach the finish line first overall and, with it, win the Dakar.

The Peugeot 205 T16 in the Dakar 2022, in the Classic category.

Officially, Farrés did not say that it was left. “We had a problem in the last kilometer, which we have tried to solve as soon as possible. Our goal was to work for the team. I am very excited to return to the podium after several hard years,” he told TV3 elegantly at the finish line.

The Catalan adds his second drawer in SSV, after the one he achieved in 2019 in his debut on four wheels, when he also finished 2nd in the raid.


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