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He killed his friend after discovering he was a pedophile and had raped his eight-year-old daughter.

In Russia, the father of an eight-year-old girl allegedly killed his friend after finding on his mobile a video that revealed how he sexually abused his minor daughter.

Vyacheslav M, a factory worker, was drinking with his old friend Oleg Sviridov, when he saw the horrible images on Sviridov’s phone.

As reported by the Daily Mail, The 32-year-old alleged pedophile had child pornographic material on his cell phone. In one of the videos, the girl’s father discovers the rape of his daughter.

It turns out that the pedophile investigated by the police had a lot to do with the family and would have abused the girl, whom he had cared for, on several occasions.

The alleged rapist managed to escape, but was reported to the police. The father found him before the authorities and reportedly stabbed him to death, leaving his body in a forest.

Later, Vyacheslav told police that Sviridov had “tripped over the knife during a fight” in a forest, stating that he had not intentionally killed him.

The body of the alleged pedophile was found on Thursday near the Vintai village, in Russia’s Samara region. More than a week after Vyacheslav saw the video of the abuse.

Vyacheslav was arrested after the body was discovered and the case is under investigation.

The police revealed that Sviridov had other videos showing rape of other girls in the village, aged six and 11. (I)

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