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Haykel Mekki: Large number of loans affect Tunisia’s national sovereignty

by drbyos

The chairman of the Finance Committee at the Assembly of People’s Representatives, Haykel Mekki confirmed today, Tuesday April 20, 2021, during his presence at the Expresso program, about the ratification of the draft law of the agreement loan between Tunisia and the European Union linked to a loan granted to the government under the total financial support mechanism for an amount of approximately 600 million euros, that the debt spiral to repay old debts is not the prerogative of this government, but rather that of successive governments in Tunisia since 2014.

And to continue that many loans affect national sovereignty, explaining that the loan of 600 million euros includes 17 conditions set by the donor. Haykel Mekki considered that this is a direct interference in national sovereignty given the condition of lifting the subsidy under the heading of “reconsidering the question of support”. He explained that the bill for a loan of 600 million euros was submitted to the Finance Committee, but it was not adopted because the government belt was not present, it was thus adopted. with a simple majority in Parliament.

The guest of Expresso stressed that the adoption of this law by a small majority explains that the ARP is not convinced by this law, but it was obliged to it, adding that this constraint justifies the loan to the detriment of national sovereignty with conditions. He pointed out that in the coming period, Tunisia will enter the “D” classification, which means the country declares bankruptcy. “I think we still have time to fix it,” Haykel Mekki stressed, explaining that the whole economic collapse was the result of political options.

The president of the Finance Committee estimated that to save Tunisia, it is necessary to carry out major revisions of the policy and the system of government, indicating that with these political actors there will be political crises that have no limits. except with the collapse of the state. “If we want to take a step forward, there must be a political and social truce that will allow the construction”, he stressed adding that in case of political conflict, the construction cannot be done.

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