Haunted Mansion mit Wilson & Dawson, Start für Muppets – Haunted Mansion

++ Update from 09.09.2021: The cast continues for The Haunted Mansion, after Owen Wilson is now too Rosario Dawson fresh on board! Her role also remains under lock and key. This means that two are currently prominent for Disney End of the game – Wilson for Loki, Dawson for you already know which ones Star Wars-Series – also here again.

++ News from 09.09.2021: Owen Wilson joins the cast of The Haunted Mansion at. Previously were already Tiffany Haddish and LaKeith Stanfield confirmed. Nothing is known about the role Wilson will play. However, the plot of was already known some time ago The Haunted Mansion.

A widower moves into a cursed mansion. He once believed in the supernatural, but now he goes about lifelessly as a tour guide in the French Quarter of New Orleans. The widower is therefore played by Stanfield. Haddish will play a medium who talks to the dead.

Although the plot looks broadly familiar to us from other films, there is between The Haunted Mansion and The haunted mansion with Eddie Murphy no connection exist.

Invitation to the “Muppets – Haunted Mansion” special

Via Twitter those responsible distributed an invitation to the Muppets – Haunted Mansion. The horror special for Halloween is starting 8th October at Disney+ are available for retrieval. There is already a poster, as you can see from the invitation below.

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